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When love is hot metal
I do not owe fairy tail but Hiro Mashima does.

Chapter 1: Natsu wakes up at his house he feels funny today, Happy is making lunch he slept for hours for healing from the black drangon fight to get imformation about Ingeel. And from protacting Ezra from the suffring bit that took part of him left only a scar in his chest so close to get his heart. Then he had claw scars on his legs and arms trying to rip him apart but he turned into flames and burned the dragon scales just in time when Ezra is knock out cold about to be in the mouth of the dragon he remeber his promise to simon to portact her and to defeat her to become to the best. He saw her laying in the spare bed badly hurt but he was barly alive coved like a mummy with bandage he ached in pain but it wasn't the wounds it was the pain that he saw her like this staying still no movement at all he looked at her in her sleep.
Chapter 2: 2 days at midnight she woke up she saw Natsu awake but in pain and suddenly took a lot of pills unaware shes awake. She said "should you be taking that much pills" He said Happy's at his mom and Dad's place for a week. He stated to do push up's, sit up's, and pull up's and other excicise and each time he try he aches in pain and blood is spilling out of the bandages. She said "stop Natsu it hurts watching you do this!!" He said "But I have to get stronger to not let anybody get hurt." She puts him on the floor to stop him from doing anymore damage to him self, she crys to tell him to stop but the words can't come out. Then gray and lucy come to the house to check on them because Happy knew Natsu would do something like this. He told them to check onn them once a day if they have to stay at the house it's okay. They see the house they say" wow, this where thay live" they hear Ezra screaming "Natsu! Natsu!! stop!!!." They come rushing in the house and they saw blood on her on Natsu knock out by too much blood loss. They said it seems like we have to stay here. They take turns to go home get their stuff. They look around the house they see dragon stuff and it's warm they see Natsu's bedroom door. He felt the presence of someone was about to be going to his room. He said "Stop don't go it's only me and Happy's room to be in."
Chapter 3: When they fall asleep Ezra got really intrusted in Natsu's room she went to look in she opens it she saw the room then there was a vioce. He said" Are you satisfied now." She was shocked she said "Natsu I really wanted to know what it was that made you mad." She saw his bed made of dragon skin and Happy's bed also. She saw him look out side the window she looked at him when he jumped out he said " don't tell them." She said " I'm going with you" He grinned said" It'll be cold." She grinned and said "I'm fine just as long you don't get cold." They come to the peck of the montain and sat in the cold the looked at the snow falling at midnight.
Chapter 4: Why do you come here she asked, he told here gives me time. Time for what get a frosted bite, no to think about Ingeel, fairy tail guide, and friends around us that we'll meet again. She thought that was sweet of him to think about them. (At the house) Lucy feels cold she wakes up sees Ezra is not in the bed and Natsu's door and window is open and Natsu is not here. She says "Oh no we are in big trouble with Happy in the next morning." She wakes up Gray he say the same thing but he takes off his clothes and in his boxers searching in the cold, snowing midnight Lucy said "Gray your clothes" he said" When did this happened. (Back to the talk) Natsu heard her shiver he ask if she was cold she said no to look tought and he laughs. He givs her his coat and all he has lift is his shorts and his bangages covering him. She's blushing but she turns away the talk gets havy and his heart is pounding 1000 miles a hour a minute. He takes off his scarf he shows her his long scar on his neck he says this is from before i joined the guide. When you cut me off with the dragon fight it was only supposed to be me and the dragon I can't defend someone at the same time fighting it. She remebered she did it because she felt something happened between them. His heart hurts and he yells "Ingeel where are you!!!!!" She hears him yelling and he broke down cryin Where are you "I'm here in this cold world alone" and Gray and lucy that is cold heard him.
Chapter 5: She feels his pain hard sharp them hugs and puts her hand in his and she tells him "your not alone You have me" at the moment his heart stoped and she saw his face turn red as a apple. Thought forever they felt the same loving way as any other could have. She saw Gray and lucy (Lucy that looked like a icical) she called out to them his heart stop they looked at each other imaging Happy very mad but couldn't. They looked at Natsu who was turning puple now and was hand in hand with Ezra they went to the fairy hospital, the doctor said he suffered some frost bites and he had a heart attack by some connection with someone. He called outs Ezra in his sleep and he wakes says where's Ezra the doctor tells him right away she asleep he's in her room put's his hand in her's. And waits tell she wakes up seconds turn to minutes into hours. Then she wakes up calling his name so worried about him he says " I'm here don't worry your not alone." She smilies and thinks mabye he likes me and they think the samething they have their coversation Happy goes to the hospital mad and Lucy said "we did it we got them together. Gray said "Yep, now lets get going before we run into -" Run into who Gray yep they see the whole guide and Happy mad at them. Then when they turn around they finally, (Back to Natsu and Ezra) Nasu says " I...I lo... he thinks "I got to say it or alse Gray is going to hang this around me forever." I love you Ezra Scarlet. She's speechless and red. He ask if she was okay she said shes never been better. The it was her turn She said "I lo... I love you too Natsu Drangneel. They looked so happy together head to head then they kissed. The whole guilde looked at them and said you know the word Awwww. Then Gray and Lucy were trying to escape but the master stoped them before they escaped. The Dragon slayer and kight lived closely together.

by michskateboard
Written: 3 years ago
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