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Fandom Updates

We made some site wide improvements. You now get a confirmation message when a 'friend request' has been accepted. You can now also send messages to any of your friends from a convenient drop-down menu in the message box.

We've added the fan art player to the profile page, so you see all fan art for each member directly on their profile page.

Next up, we'll completely overhaul the dashboard. Instead of being just a 'settings' page, it will function more like a personal Facebook page/stream, showing recent friend's activities, messages, comments etc.

Got tips, spoilers or ideas? Use the new tip-box.

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Time out from our usual anime and manga news. A devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami has hit Japan. A large number of our member community are from Japan and surrounding countries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this unprecedented disaster. We hope you, your families and loved ones are all well and safe!

Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief www.redcross.org

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation by text message!

For a list of other Japan relief organizations, click here.

- Everyone at Fandom.

Posted by Fandomteam 3 years ago   -  


Anime/Manga Releases Delayed, Cancelled After Quake

Shueisha - There are many regions of Japan where the release of Weekly Shonen Jump — and all other magazines that this publisher had previously scheduled for March 14 or later — is uncertain (announcement)

Check other publisher's delays and cancellations.

Source: ANN

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Feature Fan Artist

Featured Fan Art by whymee


Leave him some comments!

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Due to the tragic events in Japan it is almost certain that coming manga and anime releases will be affected. Please use this thread to post any news, info and updates in the comments. You can also use our TIP BOX to submit news.

We'll update the site with confirmed news items.

Posted by Fandomteam 3 years ago   -  


Fandom Update

We updated the 'friends' and 'messages' features on Fandom. You now see new 'friends' requests and 'messages' right in the nav bar. You can 'friend' another member from their profile pages. You can also send private messages to other members. We're working on updating the dashboard to include friends activities and comment streams. Stay tuned...

Leave us a comment if you're looking for other new features!

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New Daily Anime/Manga Trivia Games

We've just added brand new anime/manga daily trivia games. The questions range from general anime/manga topics to questions across Fandom's main series Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail and Reborn!

Each day provides a new game with 10 new questions. Play against other members and move up the leaderboards.

Check out the Daiy Trivia Game here.

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Live Twitter Feeds

We've added live Twitter feeds so you can track the latest Twitter posts for your favorite anime/manga series. Click on the 'Twitter Feed' sub-menu from the top navbar 'Series' tab.

Track #Naruto on Twitter
Track #Bleach on Twitter
Track #OnePiece on Twitter
Track #FairyTail on Twitter
Track #KatekyoHitmanReborn on Twitter

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We've added 'Facebook Connect' as a way to login to Fandom. If you're logged into your Facebook account, just press the 'Facebook Login' button. If you don't have a Fandom member account yet, FB Connect will automatically create one for you. We also added Facebook 'Like' buttons to all content pages.

The 'download manga' issue has been fixed as well.

Just a reminder, all JUMP manga is on hiatus until the second week of January... stay tuned, ...and happy New Year!

Posted by emakimeister 3 years ago   -  


Fandom on Facebook and Twitter

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Manga and Anime news, releases and updates.

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