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Naruto Blogs
Title Author Added
Fandom's Forums Are Back! JusticeBringer 1 year
downloads ryahl 1 year
Dear Moderators/ Website creator jezvanjet 1 year
DO NOT SHUT DOWN THIS SITE!!! uchiha_kitten 1 year
Nevermind omg_evrynameistaken 1 year
Wtf fandom website issues? JF6realmsage 1 year
DA FUQ omg_evrynameistaken 1 year
can any 1 indicate me mr.destiny 1 year
Naruto won't fight Sasuke, because Sasuke will already be dead! Icekingrem 1 year
Another Person With Rinnegan!? Crowsblade 1 year
Favorite Character Pitmist 1 year
An unlikely alliance - the ones who truly knew everything! sasushippuden 1 year
Congratulations omg_evrynameistaken 1 year
4th hokages present to Naruto raos89 1 year
Bleh!!! xaioque 1 year
Sasuke is a good guy? choppachoppa 1 year
Strongest ninja alive chowrunner1 1 year
Hokage Deaths edawg 1 year
TSUNADE VS SASORI Akatsukilove 1 year
NARUTO ROAD TO NINJA squire14 1 year
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE #306 emakimeister 1 year
SO6P's secret revealed? omg_evrynameistaken 1 year
Perfect Plot LukeUchiha1 1 year
truth behind the EDO Tensi ericdana73 1 year
Sharingan vs Jinchuuriki Mr.007BG 1 year
Geniuses LukeUchiha1 1 year
Narurto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review wa_hockey19 1 year
Real Hashirama Senju lives in India portisheadbr 1 year
Madara and Hashirama rematch LukeUchiha1 1 year
The 2nd Summoning: Edo Tensei xaioque 1 year
rinn Dsly2323 1 year
rinn Dsly2323 1 year
dont get it Dsly2323 1 year
episode 298 and senju and uzumaki / Rinn. and sharingan Dsly2323 1 year
episode 298 and senju and uzumaki / Rinn. and sharingan Dsly2323 1 year
Uzumaki Shiki Fuujin technique... CekikDaud 1 year
LukeUchiha1's retirement LukeUchiha1 1 year
Uzumaki Gaara??? Zetsu72 1 year
Konoha justice? LukeUchiha1 1 year
The Uchiha Family Branch sasushippuden 1 year
madara over rated wombat3476 1 year
Senju's perfect teaching? LukeUchiha1 1 year
Naruto truth LukeUchiha1 1 year
Can Sasuke destroy all 4 hokages with his eternal mangekyou or will he get raped? jolas 1 year
Iwonder how strong the Hokages really are raos89 1 year
The Dark Secrets of Konoha [speculation] sasushippuden 1 year
Minnato: a junkuriki Quajo 1 year
Sarutobi vs Hashirama (god of shinobi) and Tobirama jolas 1 year
Sarutobi 3rd hokage vs Madara? jolas 1 year
Wow Kishimoto - that's just too lazy sasushippuden 1 year
Kishi nails it again jasonmcx 1 year
Arigato Tobirama xaioque 1 year
What have they done to Naruto? jolas 1 year
The one who knows everything, the Hokage`s. SupremeKing 1 year
Kyuubi at full power now? Chaos-X07 1 year
so the hokages are back raos89 1 year
Ok so who is still in Konoha raos89 1 year
some thoughts ericdana73 1 year
Where the fuck is 616? raos89 1 year
Naruto not over raos89 1 year

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