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Which do you think is stronger
Do you think, that naruto chakra mode can stand against sasuke susanoo.

by Chedahokage
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (33)

u where saying he beat the raikage with strength thats not true thats all i was saying.
and the reason sasuke used amaterasu around a fraction of the susano wasnt protection at all he couldnt lock on to the riakage and he new the raikage would attack so he shielded himself the amaterasu so that it would hurt the raikage. and when sasuke was using a fraction of his susano against the mizukage it was melting and didnt bother sasuke at all he then went full susano it dosent affect the user but if and if it fails then they can get hurt.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

sucking dick instead of naruto? i mean cmon lets not be homofobic or condesendant to women.. neither of you are wrong in what ur saying, or right for that matter, because it hasnt happened yet. and for all we know it might not even be an all out battle between Naruto or Sasuke. and even if they do battle it wont be a fair fight since naruto would have been battling night and day against Tobi and his army. the Kyubi only recently stopped consuming naruto's chakra

i personally belive Naruto in his sagelike mode could do devastating damage to susanoo. The Chakra hand theory about them beeing able to crush susanoo is plausable and even if sasuke uses amaterasu to shield susanoo, naruto would could just sever the connection to his chackra hands, if amaterasu even affects chakra. i personally just want to see itatchi give sasuke a good scolding for his childish behaviour. that whole losing ur clan and family poor me. i mean Naruto just found out his mom and dad died to protect him from Tobi and the kyubi and his clan was also wiped out and still hasnt lost heart, he didnt even pull that as a card when he met sasuke after the Danzo battle, his resolve is stronger than Uchiha Crybaby's so thats why his chakra hands will squeeze susanoo until sasuke plops out

Posted by Rasengan_heu 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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