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The younger son of the sage
I think that Naruto has what it takes to be the younger son of the sage, His father i think is of (Senju heritage) and his mother an (Uzumaki). if what i read was right and the sage youngest son was a senju, and that clan throughout the ages was split in two the senju and uzumaki, wouldnt naruto become the two clan in one once again.

by Chedahokage
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting CekikDaud[quote=Quajo]The villages(at least most) did not know who naruto's parents were.If they knew they would have told him just as they told him he was the 9tail junchuriki.or at least he would have learnt of it in passing conversation.Even no where do we see people associate naruto to Minnato.Jiraiya knew but never tells naruto.kakashi and some might have known.Also minnato said to naruto if people knew u are my son,there had be trouble.He doesn't say people outside konoha.He just said people and those in konoha too are people.are they not?Naruto always went around telling people that he was a junchuriki even when he is outside konoha.Akatsuki even found out naruto was the 9tail junchuriki with no effort.How can u keep something which is common knowledge in a village of so many people secret from other villages.

What are you saying by the akatsuki found out Naruto was the kyuubi jinchuriki with no effort?Dude,akatsuki has Itachi,which is he was an ANBU before he left konoha.It's obvious,Itachi knows about this.It seems you forgot something that really important.Tobi was there when Kushina gave a birth to Naruto.And it's Tobi who use the kuchiyose jutsu to summoned the kyuubi to attack konoha.It's true that Tobi never watch the sealing ceremony of kyuubi into Naruto.But,Tobi could just assume that Minato never has too much times to find another container to seal the kyuubi.Since Naruto was there,so,it's obvious,Tobi will assume that Naruto is the next container of kyuubi.

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

no, my point is why would people in other villages associate naruto with kyuubi had he been given his fathers name, Namikaze. what has the name namikaze got to do with the kyuubi? I believe, it is rather the uzumaki name that will make other villages associate him with the kyuubi. I think it would have been common knowledge to other villages that konoha was using uzumakis as host for the tailed beast. and as there are very few uzumakis left, an uzumaki appearing in konoha would make the other villages suspicious. I know all the village try to protect their junchuriki's by keeping them secret. Sasuke also easily found out that Bee was the 8tail junchuriki.
naruto's particular case baffles me.
I am beginning to have the notion that the namikaze clan, if there is even a clan as such were very special. And just like the uzumakis have been sought after leading to their almost annihilation. this is just an assumption i am just beginning to have. not sure myself.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

the 8 tails wasnt kept secret at all he has been around for a while and in war he was known. the reason they would associate namikaze with the kyubi because he used a baby to seal the kyubi everyone new about that its just logical that he would use his own son instead of some random kid of the street.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

How would other villages even know minnato was the one who sealed the kyuubi and that he even used a baby. Naruto's birth was kept highly secret. No one was around except the 3rd when he was doing that. Are u saying the third was going around telling people this. If other villages are able to find out this, then they have no problem finding naruto.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

its a common know fact that the 4th sealed away the kyubi and battled him with a baby in his arms.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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