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10 questions if u think Itachi is stronger than Nagato.
To all those itachi-fans who think he is better than nagato, I have 10 questions for u to answer. u can only answer yes or no. if u say more than either yes or no, it will show u are lying.
1.Rinnegan is better than sharigan?
2.Madara has discarded his sharigan for rinnegan?
3.Nagato was leader of Akatsuki?
4.Nagato was strongest in Akatsuki?
5.Zetsu, who knew about every akatsuki member's abilities said to Tobi that he didn't believe Nagato could be defeated?
6.Nagato single-handedly destroyed Konoha, killed most of them and later revived all those he killed which led to his death?
7.Could Itachi have destroyed konoha the way nagato did?
8.In chapter 148, Itachi huffs and pants as he says to kisami he needed to rest after a brief encounter with Kakashi(no MS),kureina, Asuma, Guy?
9.It was ET Itachi, Bee and Naruto who defeated ET Nagato?
10.Nagato was the strongest shinobi in the world when he was alive?

Answer these questions objectively and assess ur stance.

by Quajo
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (67)

See, without his sickness, Itachi is nigh undefeatable. The man is a genius, a prodigy among ninja. Zetsu even said with the Yamata Mirror/Shield, and his blade of dreams, he's basically invincible. He's basically the example of a perfect ninja who isn't completely overpowered.

Posted by ps2freak411 2 years ago

To those saying itachi is a genius. He is knowlegeable, smart whatever. Can u please tell me Itachi's IQ score and how the average shinobi scores in IQ?.
Itachi is smart but he still feared nagato. if u will recall, in the animie espisode where Itachi and kisame captures a tailed beast. Kisame wanted to rest but Itachi cautions him that they should hurry or he would get angry. who do u think itachi was referring to here?
In manga chapter147 Itachi tells jiraiya that to capture naruto were orders from the higher echelons of akatsuki. who was giving those orders and why did they unquestionably obeyed it. Akatsuki members liked to kill their partners at the least opportunity. It was nagato who ordered akatsuki members around. It was his authority that kept members in line. His words were final in akatsuki. re-watch the animie episodes of akatsuki sealing the tailed beast and u will see how Nagato unquestionably commanded authority in akatsuki.
Akatsuki was not a democratic organisation. its members were very proud and hated to be bossed around. A members rank was determined by how strong he was. Nagato as the leader and commander of these unruly members showed that he was clearly the strongest.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

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Posted by empireempire 2 years ago

Itachi was the member of a group. He was a lower ranked member and received orders just like everyone else. He knew that if orders were ignored that more than just Nagato would come after him. Also, Nagato was not the true leader of Akatsuki, Tobi was and is. Itachi knew this the entire time. Tobi even states that it was him that gave Nagato the Rinnegan and after Nagatos death he takes it back. Itachi was only involved in Akatsuki because of Tobi. Tobi was the one that assisted in the mass murder of the Uchiha. Itachi used Akatsuki to protect his brother and as a means of getting to his brother in pursuit of Naruto. A pursuit he never really took seriously.Itachis illness accounts for most of his abilities lacking in speed and strength against his brother as well as many of the fights we see him in. His abilities and planning are second to none. Even Orochimaru, the guy that went after the Third Hokage feared Itachi and failed on several attempts to secure his eyes. Deidara feared and respected Itachi as well. Nagato split his abilities for a reason into the six paths. Even if one body was taken out the others could still act. If a shinobi landed one good shot on Nagato it would have been game over and he knew that. Naruto fought him at his best and won. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three eyes and its true that Rinnegan can cause some massive devastation but the defenses of the Sharingan are impressive. I could easily argue any of your questions. You sound like a lawyer with the yes or no bullshit. Its pretty easy to word a question so that no yes or no answer is acceptable. Nice try though. 9 out of 10 fights between Itachi and Nagato go to Itachi.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

Also, for your last question. ET Itachi was the only one able to break the mind control over himself. Out of all of the powerful shinobi brought back he was the only one. Explain that. Oh yea, that includes your powerful Nagato.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

NO one has seen Nagato put under a genjutsu from the eyes because he can't, it has to be from the ears like the sage frogs did, and wombat you always try to twist the words to your liking, he said he didn't think anyone could beat him and that's exactly what the manga said he didn't say he didn't think Naruto can beat him he said anyone so stop "assuming" and denying what's there..Itachi is one of the smartest Ninja's in the mangas but in a head to head fight with Nagato he would lose in the end, it's true they are equal and have everything to cancel each other out but at the end of the day Nagato has more and stronger jutsus and could do some things itachi can't, like not to take away from Itachi but the point that the manga is now trying to get across is that they have been surpassed in power..ex.Sasuke's new eyes, Naruto's new powers and wiping the battlefield clean, fighting a tailed beast..the thing they stress with Itachi is not his brute power but his intellect and being well prepared and staying moves ahead even in death, that's where he can beat Nagato at..but there's a reason why Nagato fake headed the Atkaski cuz he was able to do things Itachi couldn't and was basically irreplaceable because of that.. Nagato's stonger, Itachi's smarter and we should leave it at that cuz we'll never see the fight and they only beat Nagato with a tailed beast bomb, rasen-shuriken, and black fire move lol

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

itachi was in akastsuki for a means to an end he can keep an eye on tobi and play the part of the bad guy he had no desire to fight nagato thats why he took his orders. tobi who controlled nagato was scared of itachi by ur theory that makes him stronger right.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Did you even read what I wrote?? lol dude I don't even know where you come from with that..Itachi is smarter than Nagato..obviously, cuz Nagato was being controlled but only from thinking he can achieve peace so he believed that was the only way so he played the part that was given to him, but that has nothing to do with him being or not being stonger than Itachi...Naruto listens to Tsunade, Kakashi and he's stonger than them so like you make no point with that which comes from nowhere ....I just believe that Itachi can't beat Nagato in a head up fight...Shikamaru is smarter than Naruto and he can't beat him in a head up fight...

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

itachi was many more techniques than nagato. a bigger arsenal will win. plus he is smarter so a bigger arsenal itachi will win

Posted by MoAmmo619 2 years ago

in the naruto universe brains always wins and yeah if shikimaru decided to kill naruto and made a plan he probably could take him out. the reason naruto listens is because its the village structure. tobi on the other hand controlled with fear.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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