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Rivals 1 on 1 battle at full power who would win
Sarutobi vs Danzo
Jiraiya vs Orochimaru
kakashi vs Guy

We have seen them in action, now pit them against each other who will win.
This is for the true fan, that can dissect a ninja battle from all aspect.

by Chedahokage
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (25)

well stoping someone from leaving with out killing them is pretty hard in a fight when the other tries to kill you

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Guy can do ninjutsu, no where is it stated that he can't. Those who don't know he can should do their research. His summonings are tortoises. U need ninjutsu to do summonings.

Itachi defeated Oro once. we didn't see the full circumstances. If oro tried to take Itachi's body then it most likely means it was his time to change bodies. At this time too we know Oro becomes weak, that is how come sasuke could repress him when he tried to take his body.

These are all assumptions, I admit but they are based on actual facts from the manga. It is as such possible i may be right.

wombat, for once u are right. Jiraiya wasn't trying to kill Oro. Trying to stop a powerful shinobi unless u really maim or do serious bodily harm to them is hard. Jiraiya did not want to harm Oro.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

oro body was only like that after his soul got cut in half before he was just swithing bodies to learn tech and require kekaigenkai. and it did show itachi fight he used a genjitsu cut his arm off and oro ran away. summing jutsu is dif from ninjutsu and gai himself said him and rock lee are the same thats why he like lee

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

u need ninjutsu to do summonings. that is why they use hand seals. when he said him and rock lee are the same, he was referring to their will and determination to get stronger always.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

summonings also depend on chakra levels. that is why Gamabunta was so shocked when naruto summoned him for the first time. Guy can use and manipulate chakra that is why he can do summonings.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

blah blah blah.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

manipulating chakara has nothing to do with why him and guy cant do ninjitsu he just simply states that they cant because they are good at it. u use hand signs for everything genjitsu, medical,ninjitsu,summoning but they are in dif categories

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

u do not need hand seals for taijutsu. Guy knows ninjutsu. for someone who claims to be omniscient with everything to do with Naruto, u are clearly misinformed. Do your research properly.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

Quajo, youre killing me. Guys taijutsu is tops in the Leaf Village but he doesnt even come close to the level Kakashi is at. Taijutsu is all hes got. He is a very good ninja and understands the other fighting styles and understands how to defend against them but is incapable of using them. When have you ever seen Guy summon? Ive been following the manga and anime and cant recall once seeing this. Just because someone draws it in some of their personal art and posts it doesnt make it his summon. Show me or it didnt happen. Regardless of the summon, summoning jutsus are not ninjutsu. This was explained when Jiraya had Naruto sign the contract in the Toad Scroll. Also, Guy and Lee both manipulate chakra. That does not mean that they cant use other jutsu forms. The samurai in the Land of Iron can manipulate chakra but dont use ninjutsu. Gotta stand with Wombat on this one.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

quajo is always right eat a dick chaosnow and wombat QUAJO!!!!! ALL THE WAYYYY

Posted by okayokayfine 2 years ago