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I know who tobi is
Tobi is obito and I will prove it this is a story of what I think happened

Tobi was left for dead or he died orchimaru stumbled uppon his body and decided to take it back to his lab to experiment on it.
Since his whole right side of his body was crushed he was probably injected with dna possibly madara since he probably came up with the moon eye plan.
One day orochimaru is discovered and obito manages to escape with another
child zetsu. The war and that experience of being experimented on orchimaru and madara dna in his body changed obito in a way he thought the only way was via the eye of the moon plan.
So about a year later of training etc... He decides to attack naruto
He clashes with minato at the time he is 14-15 anyway after a failed attempt of getting the nine tails one year later he goes to try for yagura the third tails jinchuriki
By this time obitio is around 15-16 and we can see some time has passed due to the change of his hair length so he succeeds.
Anyway somehow during the war he causes nagato to gain the rinnegan we dont know how a person gets this so I cant really elaborate but it was possibly the pain of seeing his parents killed right between his eyes
awakened it. Now you gotta ask yourself how could two ninja mistake civilians for ninja? Well obito probably cast a genjutsu on them which caused them to kill nagatos parents.
So the akatski is formed and obito sees them as a way of achieving his objectives so he sends zetsu to infiltrate to see what he can find out.
He later joins after zetsu and then that brings us up to date with the current events.

Question you might be asking?
Tobi was crushed by a boulder there is no coming back how can he live from that?
from that.
We have seen alot of serious injuries in naruto over the years
the rasengan which is an s class jutsu naruto has used countless of times on people and they have managed to survive so its possible he could have survived a boulder and even if he was killed he could have been easily brought back I mean look at chiyo she brought back gaara orchimaru could have found a technqiue able to revive him or something.
Tobi is way to young explain how he could have matched minato?
Itachi achived ms and age 12. He slaughtered the entire uchiha clan.
If he can do that at age 12 matching minato at age 14 or 15 is very possible
How do you know zetsu is one of orochimarus experiments?
His zuzuzu matches the one that when yamato used on of his wood style
in a manga chapter we know he got wood style from senju so its possible zetsu had some senju in him but has affected him differently.

Points I would like to make.
Tobis skin on the left side of his face is extremely sagged this is caused when he was crushed by the boulder not all age if you look at other old characters you will see they dont have wrinkles like him.

In one of the naruto card games it says that zetsu hometown is konoha which supports my theory of him being fromt here and getting experiments by orchimaru.

His original left eye was gone the first time he appeared since when he uses his space time jutsu he only uses it in his right eye.

Being a uchiha he can support the rinnengan.

His space time jutsu is very similar to that of kakashi but since the eye is originally his the eye is perhaps limited in kakashi and it being his he has more control over it.

He was a student of the fourth who was a master of space time jutsu he could have easily picked up some knowledge from him.

The name tobi and obito have the same words except for one o.

So guys what do you think leave your questions in the comments below

by Supernova1238
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Guys, talking about when did Madara die. When he was revived, one of his first words were ''It would appear that little brat Nagato managed to grow'' That means that the real madara was still there when Nagato was a kid. And that means that Madara lived quite a long life after fighting Hashirama.

Posted by qwerty415 2 years ago

u guys ever thought its madaras brother doesn't say he took one of his brothers eyes when he took his

Posted by scoldingfire 2 years ago

well it seem u are right but it not correct check google dude

Posted by asemota 2 years ago

Tobi is Obito?Seriously?I'm still betting,Tobi is Uchiha Kagami.

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

Quoting scoldingfireu guys ever thought its madaras brother doesn't say he took one of his brothers eyes when he took his[/QUOTE] His bro is dead bro proof http://images.wikia.com/naruto/images/5/58/The_dea d_body_of_Izuna_Uchiha.PNG
Quoting CekikDaudTobi is Obito?Seriously?I'm still betting,Tobi is Uchiha Kagami.
Could be possible but I really dont see how he fits into the whole saga and I think one of the elders confirmed he was dead.

[QUOTE=asemota]well it seem u are right but it not correct check google dude
If your gonna say its not correct show me proof

Posted by Supernova1238 2 years ago

there are alot of flows in ur theory alot of them

1 oro didnt know who tobi was if he did he would know.

2 tobi made the zetsu clone from the 1st cells

3 obito loved the village as much as naruto

4 madara knows tobi

5 if oro had madaras dna he wouldnt have tried to get sasuke

6 the sharingun needs trained by people who know the tech like sasuke who didnt know any tech till itachi gave him some tobi knows them allwith no one to show him

7 obito wouldnt have know all of the anbu block ops barrier and sealing jutsu from the leaf. when he was there he was a nobody.

8 minato broke down the enemies attack quick are u telling me he couldnt tell a former friend voice?

9 if tobi joined akatasuki later on he wouldnt have been in charge

10 comparing itachi who graduate the academy at 6 made chuinin at 6 and became anbu black ops leader at 12 to some one who wasnt chunin at 12 is stupid.

11 the sharingun has one physical and one genjitsu attack kakashi has the phyiscal attack so if he was obito he wouldnt be able to do kakashi space time jutsu.

12 and if u want to compare name its closer to Senju Tobirama the 2nd hokage witch has tobi in the name

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

good idea it took alot of thought but tobi is not obito

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

i messed up on number 10 itachi graduated at 7 and chunin at 10 obit graduated at 9 and chunin at 11 but obito didnt get his eye till before he died and itachi was black ops leader at 12

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

blah blah...blah... we already talked about this issue. million of times... no need to open another issue who's tobi..

it's so annoyinng..

lets not debate.

we debated on this many times.

lets just wait for the manga.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

We have established that Tobi is the other White and Black halves of the original Zetsu. The question should be what is Black Zetsu? Probably, a clone of Uchiha Madara implanted with a cell from his brain. When Tobi shows Sasuke his Sharingan we see that his face does look similar to Uchiha Madara especially with the wrinkles under his eye. However, this side of Tobi also loses his arm against Foo and Torune and when this happens it looks like a White Zetsu arm. Since White Zetsu can copy a persons chakra down to the cellular level and he has a cell of Uchiha Madara's brain he would be able to make a clone of Madara when he showed Sasuke that part of his face. Now when Tobi is fighting against Konan and she destroys his mask, for the most part, the other Sharigan that we see used for Tobi's Izanagi has black all around is like a Black Zetsu. If we look at the facts the other halves of the original Zetsu add up with Tobi. Also we must note all Tobi's dojustu (Sharigan, Rinnegan) are always activated. Meaning he is not an Uchiha because he cannot turn off his dojustu.(just like Kakashi's eye) Finally Tobi needs a live Uchiha with Permanent Mangekyo Sharigan (Sasuke)for some reason. I honestly believe Tobi is a Zetsu more of the Black half than the White. I believe Black Zetsu was a experiment done by Uchiha Madara to carry on the Moon's Eye Plan and to eventually resurrect Madara. However, Tobi is just that, and experiment he has grown tired of being a pawn and wants to take action into his own hands. Plus we always, always see Zetsu and Tobi together when we are first introduced to Tobi he is taking orders from Zetsu and Tobi has a split personality just like yep you guessed it Zetsu. Look over the facts Tobi is the other halves of the original Black and White Zetsu.

Posted by blazechronic805 2 years ago