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Kurama-Naruto vs Susanoo-Sasuke
Now now, ARe we going to continue this Uchia Bias? Kurama vs Susanoo, who will win?
ha ha, I know some people are gonna say oh Uchia is all powerful, from all the bias I have been seeing on this website, really now I wonder if susanoo will defeat kurama, give your thoughts guys, I personally think Kurama is gonna wipe that fool off the map but give your thoughts.

by jolas
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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But I quit wombat..I'm tired

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

what do u think the nine tails is a huge power up. if naruto didnt have that he would have died twice before sasuke even used the curse mark.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Sry for my last troll sesion had a very very bad day really sorry if I Offended the person I quoted....Because of that I forgot to answer on the blogs main question and from what I see its who would win Kurama*9-tail* or Susanoo, I think its a little stale mate dunno why can't find a logical explanation for this, just my "gut feeling".Now for the Naruto vs Sasuke ( harldy restrained my self from sayn Sasgay ^_^ so bare with me ) debate, my opinnion on this subject is that Sasukes main advantage in the whole series over Naruto was his Sharingan ( abilltiy so see chakra, faster reflex timeing because of the speed of the sight ) and his very very high speed of reaction and movement( lets not count the learning advantage over Naruto cause come one we are talking about the level they are at now) and I my opinnion Naruto managed to pass this gap, first with his FROG SAGE MODE ( see what I did there ) traning in which he learnt to sense chakra and I think to form a mental image of the chakra he senses and the abillity he seemed to "inherit" from Kurama (talking about the abillity to sense evil or evil intentions*something around thoes lines* ) and I think both Sasukes and Narutos little spar with the 3rd Raikage was a little scheme from Kishi to show us that their speed is on par because the people on this blog allready stated Sasuke managed to keep up with the Raikages speed ( dunno if he was at max speed vs Sasuke, just my opinnion ) and as we know Naruto was up himself to the Raikages speed and that just in the normal kyuubi mode ( lets call it Bijuu mode v.1 ) we don't know at what speed Naruto is now in his new ( Bijuu mode v.2 ). So yeah as a final statement I think Naruto and Sasuke are on the same level and that is Kage-Level, that being sayd its hard to tell who would win in a fight.( I KNOW SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT READ ALL THE TEXT JUST SOME PARTS OF IT PLEASE IF U ARE A PERSON OF THAT KIND DON'T POST A ANSWER HERE. Just my 2 cents)
Thank You and see you guys next week....

Posted by UzumakiRoby 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476well sasuke didnt loose the raikage he was missing an arm and was about to be engulfed by the black flames.
well the 1st in fighting madara used the simple rule that all people in the naruto universe use while fighting an uchia never fight alone. he had mito there to help him. and break any genjitsu that was placed on him.
the manga clearly states never fight an uchia one on one.

wombat, this is what i hate about u. making statements that u can't support. where does it say in the manga that mito uzumaki helped Hashirama to defeat Madara. what do u even know about the fight at the valley of the end except that madara admits he lost. U are so full of crap.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

Quoting elroyjetson03I never said Sasuke didn't fight anyone of high caliber..I've watched the manga and seen who he fought in fact we even had a whole discussion before about if the 3rd raikage was gonna kill him or he kill the 3rd..Sasuke will lose..it's obvious...We all know Naruto didn't wanna kill Sasuke at the Valley and we all know he broke the clash and directed towards the headband when Sasuke aimed to kill..it's amazing how y'all say Madara could've beaten the 1st but he lost but if that's true why deny that Naruto could've beaten Sasuke when you actually seen that battle and what happened?? Stop being bias toward the Uchihas..I know you love the sharingan and all but gosh it's not unbeatable..and Wombat "Bee"...he put Sasuke near death 2 times so Sasuke is the one who shouldn't fight alone..wait.........he ALMOST always have help right??? Danzo, Bee, Raikage? The only one he fought alone was Itachi whom chose to lose years before the fight...

I really like u. u are not biased. u argue based on the merits of the facts from the manga. that is what i like. I am tired of wombat and his misrepresentation of facts. saying things like the sage was an uchiha and had a sharigan. How can u say that and call yourself a naruto fan. its embarassing.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

New to this so plz try not to bash me tooo hard lol....trying to help clear up sumthings with naruto....from my point of view and hopefully factual in all of shippuden naruto never really fought any opponets without intel or assistance from sumone.... the itachi fite-squad 7 as a unit helped to take dwn the fake itachi...the kakuzu fite-ino-shika-cho did most of the work as to weakening kakuzu and kakachi finished him off.... the pain fite- naruto was given intel on pains powers and abilities and on top of that fought a already cripple squad of pain(deva losing his abilities breifly) and tho this he stil was out done by pain fact is if hinata didnt co0me to save him then pain would have easily escaped with naruto and in addition he wouldnt have even went 6 tails as well so hinata played a big role in his assistance to beating pain...this acctually sums up the limits to his sage powers too he had 4 times to utilize his ablilities of the sage mode and pai still came out on top oh he also had assistance from the toad summons as well...the current fite between naruto and tobi- guy and kakashi had to come save naruto from being captured from tobi and with killer bees help they still where getting owned at that....not saying sasuke doesnt use the assistance of his team as well but the fight from killer bee has been stated that sasuke never took the fight serious or he never had the intent on killing killer bee suigetsu stated to sasuke that if they wanted to live that they had to attack bee as if they where trying to kill him...to me this statement ment that sasuke never took the fite with bee serious until he knew that they mite die.

Posted by DougieUchiha 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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