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Kurama-Naruto vs Susanoo-Sasuke
Now now, ARe we going to continue this Uchia Bias? Kurama vs Susanoo, who will win?
ha ha, I know some people are gonna say oh Uchia is all powerful, from all the bias I have been seeing on this website, really now I wonder if susanoo will defeat kurama, give your thoughts guys, I personally think Kurama is gonna wipe that fool off the map but give your thoughts.

by jolas
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (77)

naruto is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy better...HE HAS A DAMN FREAKIN BIJU PEOPLE!!!!(and sasuke can go blind...look it up...(source from naruto ch:cell seven reunion))

Posted by gzuzumaki 2 years ago

That that quoted me has no common sense. I wont even akkwoledge that. but at the end of the fight, who was victorius? Tobi got a part of what he wanted and the foruth didnt. Remeber guys saskue can be fcking superman. WE DONT KNOW. By the way the person who said saskue killed 3 people now they are about even in the training. Dude 10 mangas ago we say saskue pull off his bandagages. Its obvious that hes been training for a long time. Naruto is super fast this, saskue cant ht him tthis. Bequiet, nartuo isnt the supreme being. DIdnt u here him say that he can hold that form for what 5 minutes. Im pretty sure saskue can protect himself from kurama for a measily 5 minutes. sage mode is over, forget about it, its not a ruling power anymore. Wombat, your the only person on this whole forum that actually knows what their talking about, besides the guy tht quoted me. But dude in a way, naruto has been "handed" too with powers. Think about it, most of narutos accomplishments came from a little bit of the nine tailed power. I still understand that most things naruto earned. Lik the shadowclone tech, and rasengan. But when he beat neji, when he fought saskue, those were helps of the nine tails. Also when he fought pain. Saskue was always been given something on a single platter, but he still trains and also works hard to obtain those things. For example, itachis eyes, he had to undergo all the pain of fighting itachi, learning his origin, and then dealing with his death. Plz dont say im a rider of saskue, cuz i think this dude is a bitch that only craves power. But u guys need to stop naruto. "OMG DID U SEE THAT, NARUTO JUST FLEW SO FAST AND HIT THAT BIJUUU AND NOW DOING THE TAILED BEAST BOMB" shhhh plz. oh and buy the way, plz dont say i hav no brain cuz i didnt explain the method to my madness. I feel that you and wombat are very intelligent pplz

Posted by JuniorUchiha 2 years ago

They say the real victor is the one who gets what he wants. In the end, no one will be victorious because Naruto will win, but Sasuke will not have joined the Hidden Leaf.

Posted by Matthias35 2 years ago

The Black flame sword is most likely a conjuration of Sasuke's Enton-style ninjutsu which only had one appearance when he fought A. I'm pretty sure it's just an Amaterasu given form, but I could be wrong.

Posted by Matthias35 2 years ago

i am not sure who will win but its not hands down naruto. sasuke was keeping up with the raikage and he didnt have any power ups for that no sage mode, no biju mode, no lighting mode but still was keeping up with him. sasuke has more skills, and like we have said nobody knows what new powers he will have and who is to say all he has in the susano nobody knows. itachis susanoo defended against sasuke kirin attack and it could be agrued that that attack is as strong as a biju bomb. so i dont see why it wouldnt work agaist a biju bomb.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

sasuke could win but, naruto can probably find a weakness to susanoo and sasuke almost went blind when he fought kakashi so who knows what would go down but naruto kept up with the third raikage and we have seen naruto's attacks i think sasuke's going to have some trouble but i got dibs on naruto and we haven't seen his new forms attacks so lets just what till it happens.

Posted by sagenaruto_99 2 years ago

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Posted by jacketnorth 2 years ago

well sasuke isnt going blind anymore thats the main point of combining the 2 eyes is ur eye sight comes back, and his eyes shouldnt bleed anymore. well the 3rd is slower than the 4th but is stronger and has better armor

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

if i recall gaara pulled madara uchiha out UNDER susanoo so naruto could use chakra hands on sasuke plus sage mode is fast and rasenshuriken could just destroy the chidori naruto just has to worry about amaterasu and if naruto dodges it naruto can attack him while he's trying to heal from using it so good chance it would be hard to decide and sasuke has more long range short attacks took down danzo, kept up with the raikage but he couldn't keep up that much with kakashi so who knows.

Posted by sagenaruto_99 2 years ago

Naruto gain is powers through loyalty,devotion and will to "NEVER GIVE UP"
Sasuke gain is through "REVENGE"

Posted by oswald.melville 2 years ago

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