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Kurama-Naruto vs Susanoo-Sasuke
Now now, ARe we going to continue this Uchia Bias? Kurama vs Susanoo, who will win?
ha ha, I know some people are gonna say oh Uchia is all powerful, from all the bias I have been seeing on this website, really now I wonder if susanoo will defeat kurama, give your thoughts guys, I personally think Kurama is gonna wipe that fool off the map but give your thoughts.

by jolas
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (77)

Sasuke has skill yea but he's a Ninjutsu genius with power handed down from the Uchiha clan..the sage's son clan who believed his power could bring peace so he was obviously really really strong to believe that and so is his decendents but I doubt he was stronger than his brother whom the sage chose as a predecesser whom has the same believe and will as Naruto...Like they said it's the same story..You name Naruto's modes as if he didn't work hard to achieve them..Sasuke didn't work hard at all to achieve what he has.....Senju > Uchiha.....always..they may have natural skill & talent which was handed from the sage but they aren't the better shinobi

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

Not any shinobi could achieve sage mode..Jiraya who was praised as one of the top ninjas in the shinobi world couldn't even master sage mode, most people die and can't even hold the other bijju beasts with lesser rage, power, and hate, but Naruto has mastered and became the perfect host..Those things weren't handed down they were achievements that only Naruto can reach..perfecting the rasengan with it's element which even his father couldn't do..Even having the 9 tails whom is said to be the ultimate evil show compassion and work as a team, maybe for his first time ever volunteering his help..Sasuke is strong but Naruto is stronger..but that's just my opinion..

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

Lol Many of you would be the Uchiha son...just think those eyes are the answer to everything, but finding out that there is someone stronger..only being even more enraged and seeking more power..only to lose once again

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

Naruto's going to be stronger then Sasuke, but he is not going to fight sasuke with full power. I think he will hold back a little, in that way sasuke will have the upper hand. To all the people who say sasuke almost went blind when he use susanoo. that was with his own eyes only, now he has the EMS, he can't go blind anymore. Either way, when they fight. it will truly be epic. hopefully their fight don't take over 6 chapter and full of talk.....which probably will happen

Posted by fondyboi 2 years ago

he couldnt keep up with kakashi because he just fought 6 leaders and there assistants, of course sasuke would be tired, and the chidori is only weak if it gets hit its not an armor thats stays in one spot.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

wombat, read this
1. Madara clearly admits he lost to Hashirama. where do u come up with he probably could have defeated hashirama. quote from the manga to support ur assertion or SHUT UP. Madara is a coward who played possum.

2. Tobi is not having fun but rather straining to use all the tailed beast. Yes rinnegan is the best but Tobi is not fighting only the 9 or 8 tails but Junchurikis. The tailed-beasts alone are easy to control especially with rinnegan. Also Tobi just got the rinnegan, too short a time to unlock its secrets.

3. Sage mode is the best with no effects on its user. its only weakness is the duration. Naruto with just sage mode will defeat sasuke.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

the sage didnt pick the brothers on strength but on beliefs. and i have already showed u where it says he had the sharigun. and if it truly is better tobi wouldnt need both eyes now would he.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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Posted by jacketnorth 2 years ago

where, i haven't seen any such reference from u that shows the sage had a sharigan at one time.

Tobi is keeping the one sharigan for the same reason he says he gave the rinnegan to nagato in the first place. I think he lacks something that will enable him fully utilise the rinegan's power.

Ask urself, why tobi says he gave the rinnegan to nagato. why didn't he rather use it than give it to nagato?

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

im telling you right now elroy, naruto couldnt do rasegan without a little help from nine tails. naruto could of never beat pain with a little bit of help from the nine tails. Sage mode, i agreee with you it was all him. But by the way, they dont die if they fail, they turn into a frog. Oh and by the way Quajo. Tobi lacks something in his EMS, correct? So wouldnt that be a reason for him to use saskue? Everyone thinks tobi EMS couldnt beat the fourth and made him seek rinnegan. But remeber that one line tobi said. He said that saskues was "special". We dont know what so special about it yet. remeber guys we dont know anything about saskues new susanoo besides it purple and we dont know anything besides saskue EMS besides it looks cool. Im sorry, but i have to agreee on wombat on that one, and u can ask him, we never agreee on anything

Posted by JuniorUchiha 2 years ago

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