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Itachis overating and his sword.
Now guys I see in most peoples blog replies that they think Itachi is a god. His sword of gayness is powerful yes, but dont you think he could have been sealed in the sealing pot? Same as how he can seal with the sword of gayness?

by jolas
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Lol they said the sage had Rinnegan, and that the blood had thinned..the sharingan could be the result of the thinned blood..they even showed the picture of the son whom had the sage eyes and it was a rinnegan..not a sharingan...a path of the sage is not a normal ninja..

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

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Posted by earringsdiscoun 2 years ago

not on that page. plus its a myth nobody knows execpt the people who can read the scrol, the sage was the uchia clan, and gave his eyes to the older son and that was not the rinngun in the pic. and in the episode the sages eye was red not purple and it looked like the sharingun. and the sages neckless are the symbols on the sharingun and just by chance that the sharigun turned out that way? yea i think not.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Maybe even if his rinngun came from a sharingun, he still had his younger sun, which had not eye, bot body power(was named senju later) so if he had both powers in him, senju AND uchiha. HTF he is an uchiha?

Posted by qwerty415 2 years ago

First off the Sage of the Six Paths was the father to both the Uchiha and Senju. The Uchiha possessed the ocular abilities of the sage and the senju possessed the body of the sage. Both are legit abilities which is why the two have battled so closely for so long. Second, many families possess different techniques. These are techniques that are discovered and kept within the family and passed down from generation to generation. Kekkei Genkai are born abilities that are passed through bloodline and cannot be taught. Most techniques can be taught to someone that possess the necessary elemental control and proper hand signs and technique. Its been said several times that the progression of eyes goes Byakugan, Sharingan, Rinnegan. That is reiterated by the fact that the resurrected Madara says that he developed his MS to the point of Rinnegan before he died but after his loss to Hashirama. I dont have manga chapters to send you to and honestly I dont have the time to worry about it but I remember it well. As to which is stronger, its quite apparent that Rinnegan is stronger or why else would Madara be using it to fight the five kages? Also, because of what Tobi says while taking the Rinnegan from Nagatos corpse, I have to believe that the Rinnegan was given to Nagato by Tobi to fill that role in Akatsuki. It was all part of the plan. Which makes sense because Nagatos parents where nothing special. Also, there is no mention of anyone else besides Nagato and Madara that actually possess the Rinnegan. If its like the Byakugan and Sharigan it doesnt skip generations. The ability to unlock it was there and they would have known about it. Dont you think? Of course this is speculation but I feel like my theory is solid.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

Also when Tobi told Konan about the sage they showed the two sons..look at his eyes..those are not sharingan, and if the sage gave the son his eyes and it's said the sage had rinnegan then i'm pretty certain it was rinnegan he gave to him..even if you look at the eye progression chain, each eye doujutsu one ups the other before it...

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

well tobi gave him his eye so he probbably transplanted them in there before he was 6. and it doesnt say anything about the byuakugun being in there at all. now the leaf thought the sharingun came from the byakugun but as we know it now they where wrong. and we havent seen madara use any ringun tech besides absorb chakara he is still using sharingun tech. now people say he is using the susano with the ringun wrong he activated it while in sharingun. if u go back and read itachis fight against sasuke. itachi loose the sharingun and goes to normal eyes. but the susano is still there to kill oro. because it was already activated.

chapater 392

http://www.mangareader.net/93-397-2/naruto/chapt er-392.html

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

The only sharigan tech madara used was susanoo. So far he has been using rinnegan techniques.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476i have given u plenty of ref go back and look read post 1 threw 6 read other post why should i say something 10 times because u cant read or look up something i have already stated.
http://www.mangareader.net/93-57473-11/naruto/ch apter-510.html
here he is talking about minupulating the yin and yang like talk about but he is talking about izanagi witch is a sharingun tech and uchia tech so where does it say in the manga the rinngun did that?
and like i said the sharingun can do stuff the rinngun cant. and where did it say in the manga that the rinngun can see better than the sharingun?
it cant the sharingun can copy, see stuff at high speeds, the rinngun cannot do that the rinngun can help u learn all tech but not copy them so how can it see better than the sharigun
as i stated before the rinngun has alot of badass shit but it is fundamentally dif from the sharingun and has dif stuff.

So to u in that pic the sage's eyes are sharigan? u need ur eyes checked. Do u see any tomoe on the ripples? That is clearly a rinnegan. The sage's eyes in the pic is similar to that of the 10tails. look at it carefully.

I will also refer u to the same chapter 510 u quoted, Tobi says Izanagi a technique that can only be used by someone possessing both the powers of the uchiha and senju. U are the one who can't read or understand basic English. Stop wrongly quoting the manga and throwing dust in peoples eyes.

continue reading the page, konan tells tobi he doesn't have that power bcos it is the power of the 6 paths. As I said peruse and delve into the manga.
Izanagi is not a solely uchiha tech neither is it solely a senji tech. if two people combine their abilities to do a thing, one of them can not go about singularly claiming it, can they? u are just narcissistic. Can sasuke do izanagi? No. Can itachi? No. Aren't they uchiha? Man get ur facts straight.

Kishi hasn't explained to us how the rinnegan sees chakra or how it even works but we know it can read all of the uchiha scrolls which the sharigan can not. It can see better than the sharigan that is why u it can read all scrolls left by rikudou sennin.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago