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Why it's always 5?
Come to think about this...

Pain,waiting for 5 seconds before he can use shinra tensei again.Naruto,only have 5 minutes in the sennin mode.Naruto bijuu mode,only have 5 minutes in that state.Tobi,waiting for 5 seconds before he can use back his intangibility body technique(I don't know what's the name of that justu).Konoha,currently,only have 5 hokages.5 tailed beast,try to attack Tobi.5 great countries with 5 great kages.5 kages battle on ET Madara.5 there,5 here.

What do you think?Coincidence?

by CekikDaud
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (16)

because kishi is gay and because he likes people to answer him "por el culo te la hinco"

Posted by serglom 2 years ago

Quoting serglombecause kishi is gay and because he likes people to answer him "por el culo te la hinco"

thanks for the knowledge... wonderful

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

Dunno And Kishi ain't gay! D: Maybe that's just their favourite number? :I And what sounds best: 5th hokage or 674th hokage?

Posted by hans.kristian.holm 2 years ago

ask kishi dude....

Posted by pmboys 2 years ago

what's the problem with that...

Posted by pmboys 2 years ago

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Posted by sizessexy 2 years ago

I just realized the rinnegan has 5 circles in itt

Posted by Supernova1238 2 years ago

If theirs a relevance I suppose well have to wait to find out.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

I think its some kind of "magical" number in their culture.For example in Romania the "magical" number in most literature works is 3, but as some one stated above it might have a hidden meaning in this particular work ( by work I mean the manga )

Posted by UzumakiRoby 2 years ago

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Posted by ettewaycati 2 years ago

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