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Would u rather have a tailed beast or kekki genkai?
It seems every great ninja on naruto has somethin special about them like a kekki genkai or tailed beast. Which would u rather have? I would take the kg myself cuz I really like kimimaro n mizukage abilities

by mrmcdonald
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Thank you for that wonderful question mrs. judge number 3...

Before i answer that question. Good evening.. Aloha..

Given a chance to choose among kekkai or tailed beast.

It would defend if i am a girl or a boy..


ask me.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

yukio didnt have control over her beast like bee does. only 3 ninja in the history in jinchuriki have been able to control them. we dont know how many kg are alive or have been around we really only know about the leaf village. but there arent that many and they can gain powers rare and can control them. even a regular sharingun had ninja scared so scared it was said to never fight an uchia one on one. but there are other kg that are bad ass. but most of them where hunted like in the mist village.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

well u forget that without certain particular KG it becomes hard to use the power of the tailed-beast. If u are an uzumaki, u can have both. Hashirama also had both mokuton and controlling many tailed-beast?
Many shinobi have KG, choji, shikamaru, shino, kiba, almost all of naruto's friends.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

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Posted by jacketsdown 2 years ago

choji,shiki,ino,kiba,shino none of them have kg those are tech anybody can learn but there clan has kept them seceret so other people cant learn them its a big dif. between a kg in witch u cant learn. and killer bee dosent have kg but can control the beast, and we dont know about the 4th mizukage either.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

the only kg users in the leaf are uchia,byakugun,and wood thats it.

and not all uzamakis have the ability to control the beast. kushina said it her self that she was specail. and mito we no nothing about but as it seems it was a spur of the moment thing when she sealed the 9 tails in her.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

what do u think KG are? KG are abilities that are unique to certain clans and are automatically passed down to members of that clan. The concept of KG is broad. Even within clans with KG individual members can develop unique more powerful ones just like hashirama and Kimimaro did.

All clans keep their KGs knowledge secret that is why Hyuoga clan sent Neji's father whose byakugan secrets could not be learnt to appease the other village. that is why the uchiha scrolls were kept secret.

All KG can be learnt or acquired by other shinobi through body modifications. it doesn't matter if it is a dojutsu like sharigan or the shadow imitation of the Nara clan.

Shadow manipulation is unique to the Nara clan. Insect use is unique to the aburame. Body enlargement is unique to the Akimichi and so forth. Thus they are naturally passed down from birth and as such are classified as Kekkei Genkai. Simple as that

The uzumakis special bloodline ability(KG) is their incredible longevity and vitality. Once u are an uzumaki u are born with this trait. This vitality is what allowed Kushina to survive the extraction of the tailed beast. Tobi even said so.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

Also we don't know much about Bee and all the other juchuurikis. But we know not every shinobi can be a junchuriki. there is something special about every junchuuriki that allows them to host tailed-beast.

Also KG's like the mokuton of Hashirama senju allowed him to control tailed beast. the rinnegan and sharigan have been shown to also do the same. That is why I think if u have certain KG it allows u to easily use the tailed-beasts.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

Kushina's special chakra is unique and passed on to naruto so it also a Kekkei Genkai. Naruto will also pass it on to his children and forth. Thus all those from Kushina's bloodline will possess this ability. That makes it a Kekkei Genkai.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago