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Rinnegan vs Sharingan
Hey guys its the debate we have been waiting for uchia lovers vs Rinnegan lovers. Which one is more badass and give your reason why. I will not be apart of this, there is one person on this forum that thinks Itachi is a god and I just wanna say Rinnegan is the Ultimate but give your thoughts guys and reasons, which is badder?

by jolas
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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wombat u referenced a page but failed to even read ur own reference. what did kakashi say "once the chakra shroud dissipated naruto's damaged body recovered through its internal kyuubi chakra"

going into 8tail shroud allowed naruto to break free from the chakra rods that the deva path has restrained him with. After coming out of 8tail mode, all naruto's bodily injuries he had sustained in the fight was healed and he was revitalised.

Nagato was also not fighting to kill naruto, he said that himself. No way is it said he used life force in the manga just a tech and techs are cast with chakra.

If u don't know much about nagato and want an objective analysis i would ask u to read on him on narutopedia. Nagato was simply stronger than any shinobi. On one on one he would always win. simple.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476i know that about kabuto and et but he dosent do that to all of them and he can put them into auto pilot that was also explained there is a diff when he takes them over they dont talk and have a killing ora, when in auto pilot they react to jutsu.

U should read chapter 550 page 6 and 7. Nagato was talking to Itachi when itachi attacked him unsuspectingly with ameterasu. Itachi even was shocked his ameterasu worked bcos he says "...it worked".

read on further to page 7, nagato uses shinra tensei to push ameterasu black frames from his body. Here it shows that even shinra tensei counter ameterasu making it ineffective. As I said none of itachi's techs posed a problem to nagato.

U should take note of the little details in the manga bcos they contain the true information u will need to analyze every thing in naruto.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

fist of internal kyubi chakara is in his normal mode just regular and he heals faster than normal not instantly and he had no chakara rods on him when he went 8 tails and going anything above 4 cause dramatic injury to his body read the chapter. his injuries werent healed. and its common knowledge when u have no chakara left u use life force thats why ninja die when they run out of chakara and try ninjitsu. and that web site is made by fans fans and u and i can post stuff on it i could go in there and write ino is the strongest in histroy.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

the way amaterasu works is he looks at u then flames appear on u. he cant counter that and he pushed them away after dying from it. so how is that countering? and itachi was shocked because he broke kabutos control not because the actual attack worked. and all of itachis tech pose a problem he cant counter his genjitsu, and the black flames till its to late. and the sealing sword attack got threw. and nagato didnt start talking till after he was struck by the sword and brought back to normal. even kabuto said itachi was on another level compared to all et

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

... Tobi is Jiraiya. Jiraiya was the only person to introduce Madara into the story and he said it was MADARA who attacked the leaf with the nine tails when madara was dead. So now why would he do that? him and orochimaru where both reserching the edo tensei. when TOBI/Jiraiya met with itachi jiraiya had that long hair. the last time we see jiraiya is when tobi revealed himself as madara.

Posted by enlightened1 2 years ago

actually the first was the 9 tails

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

narutopedia is 100x more factual and objective than u. sure it is written by fans but references are provided at the end to support every statement made in the articles. They are also updated based on the information from the manga unlike u who make statements with no references.

where is it common knowledge as u say? another false statement.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

U don't peruse the manga.
read chapter 550, page6. Nagato asked Itachi "...that crow its yours isn't it? what did you do with it?" Itachi's answer was to spring ameterasu on him and says "....it worked".
In that scene it is clearly written beside it ameterasu so there is no doubt itachi said that in reference to ameterasu working on nagato. It also clearly shows that nagato was also not expecting an attack in answer to his question.

If u are so lazy u can't read the manga i have typed it here for u.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

and if we are to go by how u say ameterasu works, how then was raikage able to dodge ameterasu in chapter 463, page 13.

I am also saying genjutsu would just not worked on the master dojutsu, period. Even I am certain a genjutsu would not work on the byakugan. Nagato would have just sucked up ameterasu, susanoo dry with the preta path. End of fight. that is why Itachi advised naruto and bee to together focus their powerful attacks on the orb and not on nagato himself.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago