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Minato vs Itachi
Ha ha ha hey guys just wanted to stir up some debate get your thoughts again just like rinnegan vs sharingan. Now we know Itachi wasnt stupid and he had sword of totsuka or wtf but how good was minato from what youve seen. Elaborate on why minato or Itachi would be better than the latter. Elaborate guys. LOL

by jolas
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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lol sasuke eyes werent that good at that time of training. lee has gotten better but sasuke has gotten way better in every category.

when did i say he could copy something he dosent have like water element i never said that.

and i didnt say any tech he has the possiblity to if he has the element.

and they just dont copy hand signs they look at the chakara color figure out what element using and they see chakara figure out how much chakara to use.

the rasengun is a spining ball of chakara if sasuke or kakashi have good chakara minuplation they can copy it. but if u not good at it u cant.

sage mode is different u have to focus cant move. just looking at it u could probably get an idea but would be hard with out training.

and he could copy the hidden tech if he wanted to.

and gai wouldnt teach kakashi his tech because they are his. kakashi copied them from lee. u have no proof that he didnt but we have more proof that he did.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

and u have no proof that Kakashi copied it. No where does the manga says that chakra gates can be copied.

Gai and Kakashi are very good friends. They will do anything to protect each other. Guy will be more than willing to teach Kakashi any jutsu as long as he asks and vice versa.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

no he wouldnt thats what makes him specail thats really all gai has why teach to kakashi who has alot of jutsu no he wouldnt. and if that was the case why would kakashi wipe out is sharingun and start watching lee as soon as he wound out he can open gates

where in the manga does it say the gates cant be copied?

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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