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greatest potential
in the naruto universe who have we see that has had the greatest potential but failed to get there be it death, lack of training or desire. a few of the people who come to mind to me are

dan, dont know much about him but the army failed to seal him the same was as the others they could only trap him in a barrier.

shikimaru, really smart but no desire. if he trained in taijutsu the sky would be the limit.

kimimaru, died young of a disease. but coming from his death bed and fighting with just will power was able to in my opinion defeat garra and lee if he didnt die of his disease.

haku. as smart as shiki an really skilled the only ninja to use one handed jutsu. but no desire and died early.

juugo. he has had no training but is pretty good he has been in prison since he was 8 to 10 age range if he received proper training from oro he could have been amazing.

Yahiko. dont know much about him but he was in charge of akatsuki at a really young age so he had to be pretty good. on a bad note he is the only ninja that i have seen that has died from a single kunai

Konohamaru. he has desire just not time i think if he gets older he def has potential to become hokage. his skill level at his age is better than any we have seen before him. shuriken kagebushin, rasengun, kagebushin, flame ash jutsu. he has alot of skills

so who in your opinion had or has the greatest potential besides the obvious naruto or sasuke. i think juugo or haku could have been really amazing.

by wombat3476
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

I think haku would of been a beast if he didn't die. they called sasuke a genius and neji a genius at that age and he would of fucked both of them up. So what would u call haku a super genius.

Posted by MoAmmo619 2 years ago

I also think obito would of been an uchiha to deal wit because when he activated his eyes he had two comma. So i think he started slow but would of progress fast. Like naruto

Posted by MoAmmo619 2 years ago

Im pretty sure Haku was older than Naruto and Sasuke. He had desire also but was killed by Kakashi. Itachi was probably the highest potential child. He was a phenom. Jugo wasnt trained by Orochimaru because he had low potential in comparison to Sasuke and Kimimaro. He really only wanted him for his "curse." Shikamaru is like his father, a strategic genius but doesnt possess the physical abilities or chakra needed to be an elite fighter. Yahiko was stronger than your average ninja but weak compared to the top tier ninja were comparing here. Obito got his sharingan because he was put in a very difficult situation and emotions brought it out. Nothing points towards him being very strong. For me the greatest potential but died without achieving it i would have to say...Sishui. He and Itachi could have do amazing things together. As far as potential now, I would have to say Konahamaru. Hes a little badass. I dont see him being Hokage while Naruto is alive though, unless he retires like the Third that is.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

That will be nagato becos with the rinnegan he had the potential to learn any technique in the shinobi world.

Also as a shinobi, he had very little training compared to the others. The only somewhat formal training he had was the 3 years with Jiraiya.

Had Jiraiya also taken him to Mount Myouboku, the frogs would have taught him sage arts making him complete. The end.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

i dont think there will hokage, i think the war will end, and the alliance will stay, all the hokages will die, and naruto will be the leader of this newly formed alliance, check out my blog, tell me what you think.

Posted by the_buddhist 2 years ago

haku had no desire but to be with zabuza and age dosent matter he was still young. juugo didnt train because of his bipolar problems he has shown extreme up side he was getting with be and a with no training. and how was yahiko weak danzo and hanzo conspired together with an army to get rid of him. and thats the point shikis body isnt weak because he is born that way its weak because he is lazy and dosent train his body. how did shizui have great potential he was fairly older and had the mongekyu sharingun he would have went blind.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

now dont get the rinngun to confused with any tech it never said any tech like kg. and it gives u the ability to but dosent mean u can. i can give u a gun but it dosent mean u can hit the target.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Chaosnow I think your underestimating a bit he may not possess great physical abilities and he does have a decent amount of chakra he has a potential to be a elite ninja not one of the best but still one he managed to defeat hidan who is a good ninja when he was younger he managed to hold himself for a long time against one of the sound four so you cannot say the shikimaru isnt elite ninja potential

Now jugo maybe if he was trained as a ninja from the start and he has managed to pull off some good stuff but he really isnt anything special

Haku obviously only reason why haku died because he wanted to protect zabuza he could have been a easily strong ninja if he lived on

Kimmimaro If he wasnt struck with that illness and he trained he would have easily been a strong ninja

Konohamaru is above average for his age able to take on peins narakara path and push it back . learning rasengan which is a hard jutsu alone he managed to learn it in two years or less. Kid has potential ebisu who is a Tokubetsu Jōnin and several other chunin and possibly jonin couldnt beat him.

Now for some reason i just think that Suigetsu has potential he is notated by kisame to be a child prodigy in the art of murder he seems confident in his abilities as he has threatened sasuke on many occasions he is fast as seen when sasuke attempted to kill A he managed to go head on with darui with his sword broken in half and his hydrification makes him very hard to hit also his brother has even more potential being skilled enough to be able to wield all of the swords and be the leader of seven swordsman

Posted by Supernova1238 2 years ago

juugo is strong. and his transformations are bad ass. he can give people flesh or steal it away. a chakara cannon or what ever that is. and he knows no taijutsu,ninjitsu,genjitsu and he is still bad ass. if he trained in those he would be hard to beat by anyone.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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