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next chapter, sasukes talk with itachi
i think sasuke will be confronted by itachi, making him realize he is being manipulated by tobi. and that the uchiha would not want this. sasuke will fight alongside naruto, the 5 kages will die, the newly formed shinobi alliance will stay when the war ends, all villages will become one, naruto will be the leader of this. sasuke will give his life to destroy madara and tobi, so naruto will be able to lead the world into peace.

by the_buddhist
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (36)

thanks.. this is the real story that kishi will tell.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

I was thinking the same way. Htat would be really cool if it actually happens

Posted by qwerty415 2 years ago

I disagree. I think the kages will die, but beat madara in the process. I then think itachi would meet saskue but saskue will end up killing itachi. Then tobi lets ssaskue fight naruto and they decide to leave it as a one on one. Naruto convinces saskue to be good and they fight tobi together. Saskue dies in the process. the nations become one and nartuto beomces the ultimate kage and saskue becomes a hero

Posted by JuniorUchiha 2 years ago

it would sound cool if it do happen like that. i think sasuke hatred is going to awaken his rinnegan, sasuke and naruto going to team up to beat tobi, itachi going to go take out madara and kabuto, sasuke leave and go find zetsu and kill him, sasuke come back and fight naruto and die, naruto becomes the god of ninjas and cleanse sasuke name. thats what madara81 thinks

Posted by madara81 2 years ago

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Posted by facewomens 2 years ago

all intresting and very good ending lets c wat dey give us

Posted by ayali786 2 years ago

what i said earlier is what i think gon happen. dnt get me wrong sasuke is my favorite character on naruto. if sasuke happens to die i will be mad cuz naruto an sasuke r the main characters on the show. we well see soon ppl so lets get this thing craccn

Posted by madara81 2 years ago

After end of the war,Naruto will be the leader of the alliance shinobi?Are you ridiculous?How old Naruto now?Did you aspect that Naruto is good enough to be a leader?How many times the missions that Naruto becomes a leader?The true leader,I bet it's Shukaku,Shikamaru father.Yes,Shukaku don't have much power as Naruto have.But,when we talk about an intelligence,Shukaku is better than Raikage in that situation.Did you think Tsunade just bring up Shukaku on her side at the war like that?The other candidates that can be an alliance shinobi leader is Kakashi,Gaara,Shikamaru.But,Shukaku and Kakashi is the best candidate for now.

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

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Posted by acpartlandtorym 2 years ago

I think u are all taking it too literally when naruto says they will both die if he and sasuke were to battle.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

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