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the truth
first of all itachi won't talk to sasuke he is goin to leave that to naruto. 2nd itachi is goin to take care of kabuto and return to the dead after edo tensei stops. 3rd sasuke grudge against the leaf won't go away after that fight with danzo. 4th tobi is not obito cause in the latest naruto episode kakashi is a teenager and the tobi i saw looked much older than that. that special dirt or whatever he was using lets him replace limbs and should also make him look younger than he his in his face. there is some connection between tobi and zetsu did you see what was leaking out of tobi after minato hit him with rasengan. i don't know yet but i do have a few ideas of who tobi is i will post my idea at a later time when i've had time to process it all. 5th naruto and sasuke will end up fighting after what sasuke does to the allied shinobi forces he is going to target the leaf ninja and end up killing someone close to naruto's heart. while that is happening naruto is going to beat tobi. by the time naruto and sasuke meet face to face their goin to be tired so i think they will have their big fight after the war when sasuke targets the leaf village itself. more to come tired of typing.

by thetruth86
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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wow, this shit really gets to you, donnit?

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