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Tobi Who?
Heres a idea? Maybe just maybe zetsu came upon .....Obito half crushed under the rock zetsu seeing his sharigan abilty awakened he saves the boy and so forth.. this idea came to effect after watching the lastest episode seeing where the 4ths attack was makeing his arm melt off looking alot like the zetsu body...hmmmm

by travis.mckinney1
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Posted by travis.mckinney1 2 years ago

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Posted by abenekeanam 2 years ago

yes,it's looks like white zetsu..but,think it back dude..The crushed part of Obito body is on a right side..It's tobi left arm that melt down..so,can you see it?..I'm absolutely disagree with your prediction..It's not Obito..I bet,Tobi is both Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama..

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

and we have never seen a zetsu dissolve like that. tobi melted like the wicked witch of the west.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

I think that uchiha obito..lets see...uchiha madara already revived by kabuto technique...and in previous episode tobi scared and want to cooperate with kabuto in war when kabuto open the box..contain uchiha madara body...ok when kakashi kid...uchiha obito crashed half of their body..and in mask before tobi got rinnegan we just see only one hole to showing the sharingan..not 2 hole to show 2 eyes...and when kakashi want to use mangekyou sharingan tobi said that technique doesnt work for me..Thats because Tobi=obito...and u can make TOBI name from word OBITO...right?For uchiha bloodline..they can take any sharingan to make their own eyes..Lets see when danzou died and tobi want to take uchiha shisui eyes from danzou..back tobi have many sharingan...and sasuke also implant itachi eyes right?

Posted by peace02killer 2 years ago

it's the alter ego of uchiha madara who escaped on the fountaion of truth...

its evil madara.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

Zetsu is like the ying and yang. We have seen some of white zetsu's abilities but.. what about black zetsu's??

Posted by serglom 2 years ago

Just throwing this out there... I think Tobi might just be Orochimaru. I think he created Zetsu and what was killed by Itachi was not the real deal.. I think it was some kind of clone or something that he was able to use and was controlling Akatsuki the whole time.. Playing the village and other niggas against each other in order to obtain power.. Well this isn't trying what I think.. but it is an option.. Through Zetsu he could have found a way to sustain life and make the ultimate clone that no one could detect except for Naruto when he is 9 tails mode... Just a theory, so don't go crazy..It is not too far fetched.. He was one of the most knowledgable ninjas when he was alive and he did a lot of research and I think that is how Tobi knows so much...Plus he could have brought Madara back to life if he found his body and got all his secrets from him using the same technic Kabuto is using.. there are so many ways you can spin it, because if he got ahold of Uchiha eyes there is no telling what he could have done.. Like it was said before.. Tobi likes to conduct experiments just like Oro...

Posted by wagurass 2 years ago

uchia just cant take any eye and make it there own itachi already stated that the clan was cursed because of people trying that to optain the ems and it failed. and one eye is physical and the other a genjitsu and kakashi has the physical he said that because it seems like he knows alot or almost all sharingun jutsu and he new what kakashis eye juts u was already. and we have seen tobi with 2 sharinguns. the black zetsu can sense chakara. and is the earth its self.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Plus think about it.. Who was the one with the 1st's cells and it couldn't have been hard with all the data and research he was doing to get Madara's DNA.. Obviously because Kabuto has it and i don't think Kabuto found them on his own... I also think Tobi is someone in the manga we know and has been behind the scene the whole time and when his identity is revealed it will be a shock to us all...

Posted by wagurass 2 years ago

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