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Tobi Who?
Heres a idea? Maybe just maybe zetsu came upon .....Obito half crushed under the rock zetsu seeing his sharigan abilty awakened he saves the boy and so forth.. this idea came to effect after watching the lastest episode seeing where the 4ths attack was makeing his arm melt off looking alot like the zetsu body...hmmmm

by travis.mckinney1
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (31)

It not obito, but I do think that it is his eye tobi has,
Mabey him and Orochimaru were working togeather?? TObi steals some resaerch or the eye or w/e and takes off before we first meet O. thus giving more of a reason he was obsessed with sauske durring chunine exams when we do meet him.
Mabey zetsu was one of his 1st experiments and him and tobi escaped togeather??

Posted by Tsfuko 2 years ago

If they really were oro's experiments, real madara wouldn't know about tobi, but he did... lets just wait, i thing it's not gonna be a long wait anymore.

Posted by qwerty415 2 years ago

Quoting qwerty415If they really were oro's experiments, real madara wouldn't know about tobi, but he did... lets just wait, i thing it's not gonna be a long wait anymore.

It hasn't been confirmed whether madara knows Tobi, at least not in explicit terms. We are only assuming that.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

i think he is madara other brother. he has learnt immortality and have given his eyes to his brother. the killing of the clan was a way to have a bank of eyes and parts. let watch out

Posted by bladelaw 2 years ago

TOBI is madara's alter ego.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

I believe tobi is Izuna uchiha with replacement sharingans due to madara taking his sharingans to make a ems leaving izuna with replacement dull normal sharingans....speculations that lead me to believe this is that we have never seen tobi use ms or ems and another thing is that tobi is already said to have not been madara...and the real madara was to have really survived the last encounter of the first hokage with his DNA which was also confirmed to be what the white zetsu half was made from...white zetus is also stated to have been able to copy a persons look down to the chakra...tobi also said the technique izanagi was a technique that can turn nothing into sumthing such as the energy of the 10 tails to the 9 tailed beast also a move only that can be done from sumone who has uchiha(izuna who i think he is) and senju(the DNA he has from the white zetsu to help form his body) he has done izanagi soo stating he has both DNA inside his body...also why i think he i Izuna is because he controlled the nine tails, has the power of rinnegan,and has vast knowledge of the ninja past history no one else knew or had skill to do any of these feat.

Posted by DougieUchiha 2 years ago

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Posted by furnitureebel 2 years ago

tobi is madara's negative self that came out from the fountain of youth!

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

Tobi is wombat*** hands down. this guys knows alot.

Posted by jolas 2 years ago

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Posted by ettewaycati 2 years ago