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Kushina and the Senju. Do they have KG?
A KG is a unique ability that;
1. is related to a shinobi's unique blood,
2. it may be inheritable(eg sharigan, byakugan) or not inheritable(eg. mokuton, dust release, boil release)

Any ability that fits this definition is a KG.

Kushina Uzumaki:
1. Kushina has the unique ability to restrain the kyuubi with her 'special chakra'.
2. This 'special chakra' was becos of her unique blood.
3. We don't know whether she passed this ability on to naruto.

The senju:
1. The senju inherited the rikudou sennin's body(life force and physical energy)
2. This inheritance allows them to be masters in all ninja skills.
3. Only the senju are born with the sage's body(life force and physical energy)

In this sense don't Kushina and the Senju have KG since their respective traits fit the definition of KG?

by Quajo
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (49)

mito wasnt chosen she did that on the fly during battle.

and acutally sharingun stands for copy wheel eye or mirror wheel eye. thats is the translation of the word. it stands for copy jutsu not the way it looks.

and kushinas chakara chains is a barrier jutsu. who said its a tech that cant be learned?

we dont know enough about the 1st to make assumptions.

but kushina we know nobody in her clan had the same thing she did. and the manga itself explains a kg as passed down from generation to generation that gives them unique abilities. having nice chakara isnt a kg

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

wrong mito was chosen, the fight between madara and the 1st hokage was a one on one fight, look at the picture with the fight. It's clearly that the first use the birth of the tree to take the fox completely from madara, then defeat him And then choose mito. Look if me and you are relative and you are good at sealing things, who do you think i'm going to choose, we just not sure if she was already living in the leaf or the eddy village.

Posted by Chedahokage 2 years ago

Come on that chakra chain can definitely be a jutsu as well as a barrier, i don't even need kishi to put that in the manga, once it take physical form she can destroy things with that. I see that been kushina signature move, she wasn't really good at anything else just like her son shadow clone.

Posted by Chedahokage 2 years ago

i am really starting to love proving u wrong ok if u got by that picture yes but that was one angle but dosent matter kushina her self says oh wait let me quote it

during there fight (the 1st and madara read page before) the 1st gained control over the nine tails.and to better aid him mito sealed the nine tails inside her own body becoming the 1st jinchuriki. chapter 500 page 5

http://www.mangareader.net/93-54942-5/naruto/cha pter-500.html

she was at that battle and it was a spur of the moment deal.

we didnt see it do any damage but we did seal it seal the nine tails and create a barrier

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Prove me wrong you joking right, that is exactly where i base what i said. The first beat madara how many times, the sharingan, the MS madara he got beat. he also control the beast like pets and get them away, to better aid him, it doesn't say it was with the madara fight if you want to get technical. and it wasn't his last battle he actually die in battle, kushina was talking about the big picture because even up to the time when tobi took them, every kage had a tail beast to better aid them protect the village.

So keep quoting my mindless chum, anyone can, i just hope you understand what you quote before the series finish.

Posted by Chedahokage 2 years ago

Quoting mrmcdonaldBro I have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering n u don't understand something like a kekkei genkai is a jutsu n u think i need to go back to school.

ur degree in civil engineering doesn't mean squat here. U are not the only person with a degree here so chuck that for now. This is naruto and not civil engineering. u are too presumptive. let me explain this to you.

'sharingan' and 'byakugan' are kekkei Genkai, right?

what comes to mind when u hear sharingan or byakugan? an eye with unique characteristics(traits). Sharingan which is a KG is an eye and not a jutsu. Byakugan is an eye. KG is a general classification for all unique inborn traits(characteristics) in shinobi which gives them unique abilities(jutsu)

A jutsu that in this case cannot be learnt or copied by another shinobi who does not share the same inborn trait.

Kushina was born with a 'special chakra'(which is her KG). This allows her to produce chakra chains(jutsu) to bind the kyuubi. No shinobi can learn or copy this jutsu(chakra chains) unless that shinobi has that unnamed 'special chakra' that Kushina has.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

my wombat u are so obstinate.
U say sharigan stands for copy wheel eye or mirror wheel eye. and u go on to say it stands for copy jutsu, right?

This is unbelievable. The 'copy wheel' or 'mirror wheel' are just ADJECTIVES describing the eye. Sharigan is an eye with a unique characteristic and not a jutsu. It is just an eye with that unique copy wheel or mirror wheel trait.

wombat, u are better than this. implying that kushina's unique ability can be learnt. the jutsu is from her 'special chakra' which no one else has. Also the chakra chain barrier is derived from her main chakra chain jutsu. Kishi has just not yet named kushina's chakra chain jutsu.

U are saying we don't know enough about the 1st to make assumptions, but u know enough about Kushina to come to conclusions, right?

I am only juxtaposing the abilities of the 1st and Kushina. Their abilities are similar in uniqueness. As such if the 1st ability is classified as a KG, then Kushina's is a KG.

No one in the senju has mokuton except Hashirama but still it is classified as KG. So if no one else in the Uzumaki can produce chakra chains it does not mean it is not a KG. what applies to one must also apply to the other.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

i hate to call people FUCKING STUPID but in your case chedahokage. kushina said during the fight that means during the fight or can u not read enlgish.

for someone who knows nothing of kushinas justu to say its a kg or cant be copied is pretty stupid. all we know is that its a barrier jutsu so as far as we know it can be copied. but that is as far as we know.

the 1st is weird but we dont know anything about him. we know more about kushina then we do the first. it is weird that he is the only one to have it or why tsunade dosent have it. but we dont know enough.

and copy wheel is the translation of the word. u where saying it means how it looks the name comes from its abilites. not how it looks

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

and most of the fights between madara and the 1st where a tie. and we dont know when or how he died so dont make assumptions

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Wombat you can say what ever you want, but to me you look like you were born between cousin you have six finger on each hand to help you only quote, and half a fucking brain. The legend would of clearly been mito and the first defeated madara at the valley of the end, you fuck head, if she play search a role. madara didn't even mention her when he was talking to sasuke.

Besides kushina was just talking about how mito became a host, and madara was DEFEATED itachi even said so, you can lose a battle and live.

Posted by Chedahokage 2 years ago