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Who is Tobi?
Ever since the appearance of Madara I've been wondering who Tobi could be. When looking at some manga I think I've come up with an idea. In his battle with The Fourth Hokage he is damaged and, rather than blood flowing down his arm, his arm oozes out as a whole in a liquid-type state. He was also able to sever his arm easily after he sucks up Danzo's henchman. I feel as though he really is Obito who, after Kakashi and Rin left his side, was saved by Zetsu. His time-spatial jutsu really resembles Kakashi's, but far more advanced, due to his being an actual uchiha rather than obtaining them from one.
Any thoughts?

by jmullis
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (33)

Sigh...when it reveals all info about tobi and as we all know it isnt going to be obito i will want an american dollar from all the ppl that say they think hes obito. He is dead!

Posted by Pitmist 2 years ago

nice to keep on trying to fit obito in the mix, but you have forgotten that tobi claims to have given the rinn to pain, considering pain is about 5-10 years older than kakashi, and obito and kakashi are about the same age, it clearly rules out the fact. and another thing, when tobi was fighting with the 4th, kakashi was in his teen, lets say about 15ish, and clearly the guy in the mask, or tobi was in his 20s or an fully grown adult. the question is not out of the question, but kishi can make tobi be whoever he wants at this point.

Posted by rickiex 2 years ago

tobi is uchiha izuna

Posted by brian.ferns 2 years ago

tobi is uchiha izuna

Posted by brian.ferns 2 years ago

Quoting brian.fernstobi is uchiha izuna

Posted by brian.ferns 2 years ago

of course, Tobi doesn't have a normal body. He is very old. His body would have failed him by now. I think he has done modifications on his body that allows him not to age. That may be why he doesn't bleed blood.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

tobi is a girl.. an alter ego of madara who came out from the fountain of youth!

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

i dont know why people dont let go of this tobi is obito thing. one he would still have the same chakra some one would have recognized him. kakashi has fought him a couple of times and so did the 4th they would have recognized him. i think he is someone we dont know of but hopefully we will find out soon

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

As you can refresh your memory,Kyuubi seems knew about Tobi...But,Tobi never open up his mask...So,how could the Kyuubi seems knew about Tobi?...My guess is,the Kyuubi recognise Tobi sharingan or chakra...That's mean,the Kyuubi have met face to face with Tobi before he was been sealed...Whether it's Madara sharingan or Tobi chakra...And let me ask you...Did Kyuubi recognise Tobi as Obito?..As far as I know,Obito never have been met with the Kyuubi face to face...And for your information,Kyuubi already been sealed in Obito era...If Tobi's sharingan is belong to Obito,the Kyuubi will not recognise it bcoz he was been sealed at the time Obito activated his sharingan...So,there's no way the Kyuubi recognise Tobi as Obito...Tobi is not Obito for sure,I'm 100% on it...So,who is Tobi?...Damn,I have to say it again...Tobi is a person who have both an Uchiha and Senju DNA in him...Which one Uchiha DNA that Tobi has is not been answered yet...But,I bet,it's Madara or Izuna DNA...I think,Tobi is one of the greatest creation that Madara made...

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

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