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Manga 474: Oricharmaru's plan
Now that Saigetsu found a scroll of Orichimaru's in the secret hideout. I wonder why saigetsu is so excited and what is written in that scroll?
Furthermore, what is Orichamaru's plan?

I think Orchimaru's plan has something to do with the sage of the six path because kabuto mentioned something about finding out sage's secret. And I think his plan has something to do with the Uchiha clan because he and kabuto were interested in sasuke.

Now I'm wondering if his plan has anything to do with Madara and if they have any connections. If madara knew nagato, he should have lived long enough to meet Orichimaru. Also when madara and kabuto had their conversation, madara said "do you know OUR plan" (561) He could be referring to Orichmaru b/c madara said "This would be something he would do, to revive me like this" Madara possibly be referring to Orichamaru b/c Orichimaru is only known shinobi other than second hokage, that could perform the edo tensei jutsu (Now kabuto too). Also kabuto said "I am his supporter" and "I don't know if the fake Madara (Tobi) would act as planned" (561) Kabuto could be referring to Orchimaru who he is supporting and didn't want tobi to get in the way. And when kabuto mentioned Orichimaru's name, when madara asked how he knew about his body secret, Madara DIDN'T ask kabuto who Orichimaru was or anything about him because Madara was referring to Orichimaru. So madara could have possibly known Orichamaru and possibly orichmaru is his accomplice to his plan.
What do you think? Any suggestions.

by kent0005
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (22)

the greattt orochimaruu!! XD He did some experiments wt Zetsu i think orochimaruu knew everything about madara and the uchihas!

Posted by mary6668 2 years ago

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