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Crazy but could be possible
Yo! Since the Uzamaki comes from the Senju and it's almost to say that the Hyuga comes from the Uchiha, and it seems like Kishi is really aiming to put Naruto and Hinata together..just look at manga 559 when Naruto reminisce on Hinata saving him and that looks he gives her and all the way up to the manga where she says she'll be onside of him holding his hand..those are strong hints..okay to my point..I really DON'T see Sasuke living at the end of this manga, because he's even more power hungry and bent on destroying the leaf and Naruto than ever now that he has his new power but if he dies it will be saving someone and being a hero which could partially cleanse his name...then Naruto and Hinata becomes a couple and have a kid and with their blood combining it creates a kid who has the Sharingan?? If Sasuke dies then it's a strong possibility that Naruto will name his kid "Sasuke" lol What do you guys think of that?? Let me know!

by elroyjetson03
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (19)

i like it xDD dunno will it be true or not, but that sounds reaaaly cool to me

Posted by qwerty415 2 years ago

it is said the uchiha came from the hyuoga and not the other way round as u put it. The thing is I don't sasuke will be dying at least not anytime soon.

Also sasuke is an idiot. He just doesn't want to accept that he was wrong. He doesn't want to accept that he was wrong all along about his brother. He is now shifting the blame on to Konoha to appease his conscience. But the fact remains that Itachi willingly massacred his clan. Itachi even told sasuke that madara was his accomplice. Why isn't he attacking Tobi then?

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

Yea, they said that but that's just some bs I think the hyuga made up after the Uchiha clan got killed cuz the Byakugan is obviously weaker than the Sharingan...

Sasuke is just another Madara, a power hungry fool..his revenge streak just keep shifting because he has no real reason to exist which is why I think he's going to die at the end of the manga

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

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Posted by jacketsdown 2 years ago

sasuke is so annoying.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

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Posted by landskevi 2 years ago

the byakugun isnt really weaker its just dif. its eyes see deeper than the sharingun and 360 degrees and u can sense chakara its pretty cool.

and also the leaf village believe the sharingun came from the byakugun not the other way around. the same way the uchia are cousins of the senju.

kakashi said this during the chunin exams nenji vs hinata.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Maybe the uchihas come from a mixture of senjus and hyuugas that's why their eyes are so much more advanced

Posted by c1yd3fr0g 2 years ago

People of the village also didn't think the so6 paths was real, they were wrong...They saw the rinnegan and still said it was a myth..they were wrong..the Sharingan has way more capabilities than the Byakugan..it's strong but it's weaker than the Sharingan when scaled against it..We've yet to see a Byakugan user who mattered as much as the Sharingan and also you guys just aimed to shoot down my theory just fucked yourself up lol hold on..............wait for it................................................ ................................

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

So you mean to tell me that the so6 paths was a Hyuga?? because that's exactly what you're saying by stating that the sharingan came from them cuz if I'm not mistaken the Uchihas came directly from the So6 paths remember?? His 2 sons?? Huh? The Uchihas never held a byakugan..they always had a Sharingan right?? A sharingan evolves into a rinnegan right? Have we seen a byakugan evolve into a rinnegan? nope! The so6 paths had the rinnegan? right! He gave his eyes to his eldest son huh? right! Idk how the Sharingan came about but since the Uchihas were always the Uchihas since the beginning of their clan I doubt that they came from they Hyugas...keep up kids!

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

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