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Still want to discuss it...
I don't care,I still wanted to discuss about this shit...

Kurama seems knew the sharingan that Tobi has in his right eye...Some says it's Madara's sharingan...So,it's obvious that Madara died with his sharingan activated,since Tobi has it activates all the times we seen him...Then,as you can see,in Tobi left eye,it's rinnegan activated mode..So,if Tobi right eye is Madara's sharingan,I bet,It's not Madara's rinnegan that transplanted in Tobi left eye...When you guys think it back,I don't see any proves that the Uchiha can activate one of their eye in MS mode and the other eye is in a normal sharingan mode...Can the Uchiha do that?...So,I still thinking that Tobi's rinnegan is not belong to Madara...That rinnegan also not belong to Nagato to begin with...As Tobi said,that rinnegan is belong to him at the 1st place...Whether it is true or Tobi just make it like that,we don't know yet...But,I'm certain of that rinnegan is belong to So6P himself or the elder son of So6P...

I know,it's sounds stupid...But,if Tobi has Madara DNA,which is includes his chakra in it,Tobi could deactivate that rinnegan by using Madara's power...The question now,is it possible for the uchiha deactivate only one eye of sharingan?...Tobi,maybe only transplant one rinnegan in his right eye to be deactivate to the normal sharingan mode and left the other eye in the rinnegan mode..Could that be happen?...emm...kind of curious...But,in Madara case,the normal 3 commas of sharingan is not normal anymore for him bcoz that sharingan has entered the EMS stage...Maybe,the jutsu that Tobi has is the power of EMS in the normal 3 commas mode...Who knows...But,Sasuke never shows that kind of power yet...haha

by CekikDaud
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (13)

maybe it is just me, but i still belief the rinnegan was nagato's cuz in he could activate it, we have seen it manifest in nagato's flashback. And ifthe eyes would have been transplated they'd be active all the time right??

or am i making a compleet fool out of myself?? which is fine by me

Posted by kevinvollebregt 2 years ago

it never said his eyes manifested it just said he killed the ninja. and it never even showed his eyes just his hair covering his eyes.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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