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congatulation to those who had their ass-sumptions made real by Kishi!

forgot who those are but they hit the spot.

1. Madara has the face of Hashirama on his chest.
2. Sasuke saw Itachi(eventually make confrontation next chapter or later).

Hope my theory about Tobi realizes too

by sempet
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting hirokuroza
Quoting Perfect-A
Quoting CekikDaudMy thought...Tobi is Uchiha Kagami...The man who has Madara and Hashirama DNA in him...Why did he use Tobi as his name?...Bcoz Kagami is a student of Tobirama...Kagami admired Tobirama base on his space-time jutsu...And Kagami made his own space-time jutsu,which is more advance than Tobirama and Minato space-time jutsu...Kagami dedicated his space-time jutsu to Tobirama and use some part of his name,"Tobi"...hahaha...

I have a feelinsg its Kagami also or Fugaku its gotta be between the two!!

i dont think hes either cuz if he was of uchiha blood wouldn't he b able to go into like noaruto's stomach like when naruto tlks to the fox and sasuke went in too but tobi couldn't dp it and he doesn't know what happend so i dnt think he is of uchiha origin i think hes kind of like kakashi whojus received the eye

LOL...it's a different sharingan in a different user...There's nothing stated in the manga that the sharingan user can see the kyuubi inside Naruto stomach...and for your information,the kyuubi said that Sasuke's sharingan is more badass than Madara's sharingan...Maybe,Naruto is under Sasuke's genjutsu at that time...That's why Sasuke can see what happen in Naruto minds...From what I seen,it seems looks like the same way that Sasuke use to take over Orochimaru soul...

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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