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OROchimaru's scroll-spoiler
oro's obsession to sharingan started when he perfected the edo tensei.

what's written on the scroll will turn the story line upside down.

before oro fought the third hokage on the chuunin exam.. he often summon thru edo tensei MADARA and HASHIRAMA and chat about history and life. MADARA don't really know the identity of TOBI, as Oro discussed to them what happend to KONOHA, MADARA AND HASHIRAMA WERE SO CONFUSED about who's the masked man. The two respected death as quoting ITACHI "you will only know the meaning of your life when death comes", that they really dont want to be ressurected. They tackled about the FUSIONS, experimenting on DNA only started when Oro gave the idea to the TWO. Thinking this would surpass the power of the unknown MASKED MAN. Never the three imagined the coming of NARUTO nor Sasuke's power. They just feel they needed to plot to save the world for the unknown power.

Bottom line... Oro's hunger for power polluted his mind and created a different plot on his own as the THREE OF THEM analyzed and planned it out.

by mickowafer
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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How do yu know this?

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So you're FINALLY SERIOUS about something huh...

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Quoting elroyjetson03So you're FINALLY SERIOUS about something huh...

i'm the most serious here...

and the brainiest..

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

i dnt get it

Posted by fai99al 2 years ago

Quoting fai99ali dnt get it

i understand.. you have small brain.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

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