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A Brief Update with Questions
First is the Update:
The 5 kages are currently battling Edo Tensei Madara who has demonstrated enormous power. Not only that he keeps on going with the face of 1st hokage harishima in his chest. Few ninja are currently following Muu who is being controlled by kabuto who is being hunted by Itachi who just passed sasuke leaving the brother in shock. the rest of the ninja in the war or atleast most of them are headed to Naruto's fight. alognside naruto is kakashi and bee sensei and 8 tails jinchuriki bee. theyre opponent Tobi.
Where is yamato?and whats going to happen to him?his status currently?
Tobi has rinnegan and sharingan but all he's demonstrated he can do is phase through things and controll tailed beast but he no longer has the taild beast and they found a flaw in his phasing jutsu so what can he do?
What is naruto's fate?(hinata said when this is all over shes gonna walk beside him and hold his hand. its sweet and im sure fans wanna see this.)
How are the 5 kages going to defeat Madara? how is kabuto going to react to itachi and how is sasuke going to react as well? and naruto and his friends. i guess the question would be what do you think is going to happen after the war?the conclusion,revelations,ending whatever you want to call it
so comments

by hirokuroza
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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