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Bother's conversation
Now that 576 is out and it was basically all talk between Itachi real motive for killing all Uchihas, but his brother. Does any one think he will have a change of heart??? what are your toughts???

by jmmuniz1
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (9)

lots of talk, nothing revealed, I was hoping for some action between one of the 3 fights, more specifically naruto and toni

Posted by immikeporter 2 years ago

i think he may have a slight change of heart considering he was kinda following itachis path other than the part about protecting konoha, but itachi may talk some since into him.

Posted by gorge158 2 years ago

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Posted by rtnorthsale 2 years ago

Quoting gorge158i think he may have a slight change of heart considering he was kinda following itachis path other than the part about protecting konoha, but itachi may talk some since into him.

Itachi already entrusted Sasuke to Naruto. Before switching to the battle of Madara vs 5 kages, Itachi said he will stop talking which means we won't be able to hear the story about the Uchiha tragedy first hand from Itachi himself(assuming he lied before their previous fight).

Posted by sempet 2 years ago

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