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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Challenges on PS3
I love this game but online fights are difficult to get in because lobbies close fast. I hope this blog post gets people who love Naruto into the fight against me. I main with Minato or Hokage Naruto and name on the PS3 is Roman_Wins

Please feel free to friend me and lets BATTLE!

by roman727
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (10)


Posted by chad_07 3 years ago

how to get minato??

Posted by IcemanTommy 3 years ago

You get Minato when you get 700,000 Storm Points. You get Storm Points in every fight so just keep playing and you will unlock him. No one can stop my Yondaime!

Posted by roman727 3 years ago

i just play free battle agent another player just the other player was so you just keep fighting your sellf and you will get all the point in likw 30 mins bit boring but worth it add me on ps3 david282

Posted by davida282 3 years ago

my psn name is redpoet718

Posted by KyeoDaNiNja 3 years ago

TMYIII, my Live name

Posted by SuperNaruto90 3 years ago

tallblackman is mine...im not as good as i thought id be, but i stick with TOBI/MADARA

Posted by lotusmaster 3 years ago

nice yong naruto ba gusto ko mapa nood sa movie..

Posted by kennzo 3 years ago

how do i get killer bee nd also i like just got my 360 can some one tell me how to get live from my laptop cuz it keep sayin my connection is not workin or some shit like that hellp me

Posted by kbreeze 3 years ago

Lots of free manga online for you read at http://www.de liciousmanga.com

Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago