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I am not sure what Jaraiya's blood line is but why did Orochibuto not bring him back as well as Miinato, Kushina? are there certain blood lines they cannot ressurect? Maybe they would be too strong to control and they would try too hard to get info across to the Naruto and the others, but him and Tobi would also be taking this risk with the Jinchus and some of the others they resurrected.

by immikeporter
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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thanks for all of your comments, I am a fan but I don't have as good a memory as most of you guys. I forgot about jiraiya's situation and it does make sense that he can't get Minato or the 3rd Hokage for that reason. But I thought as far as drama Kushina would be a good candidate as well as a couple of other people.

Posted by immikeporter 2 years ago

kabuto said jiraiya was to deep at the bottom of the ocean and he couldn't get to his body. minato was sealed away in the demon god so they couldnt resurrect him and kushina was only known for having the 9 nails in her. she was good at seals but i dint hear that she was a great enough ninja.

Posted by MoAmmo619 2 years ago

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