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Can anyone explain why Naruto looks like the so6 paths when he goes into 9 tails mode? Down from the way his cloak is to how his hair sticks up in the front..If you remember from the peak of the so6 paths it almost looks like he favors the 4th a bit, but we need more of his face to make that a fact so that's my assumption, but why is Naruto so fast in 9 tails mode? Why does it resembles the yellow flash of all things? Why can't any of the other hosts do what Naruto does? I think it's because he has Senju blood in him, but also it said the Uzamaki specialized in sealing Jutsu's and Tsunade's grandmother Mito was an Uzamaki and she had the same diamond on her head as Tsunade which is a seal to her regeneration jutsu's so I'm guessing that their specialization in sealing jutsu's are also carried on to other types of seals also since they're technically sealing jutsus...let me know what you guys think!

by elroyjetson03
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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