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Can anyone explain why Naruto looks like the so6 paths when he goes into 9 tails mode? Down from the way his cloak is to how his hair sticks up in the front..If you remember from the peak of the so6 paths it almost looks like he favors the 4th a bit, but we need more of his face to make that a fact so that's my assumption, but why is Naruto so fast in 9 tails mode? Why does it resembles the yellow flash of all things? Why can't any of the other hosts do what Naruto does? I think it's because he has Senju blood in him, but also it said the Uzamaki specialized in sealing Jutsu's and Tsunade's grandmother Mito was an Uzamaki and she had the same diamond on her head as Tsunade which is a seal to her regeneration jutsu's so I'm guessing that their specialization in sealing jutsu's are also carried on to other types of seals also since they're technically sealing jutsus...let me know what you guys think!

by elroyjetson03
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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I think the sole purpose that naruto body's is reacting to da 9 nails charka is because he was in the same body with the 9 tails 9 months until he was born. he basically developed in to a human marinating in the 9 tails charka. NO other jinchurki has ever been in that situation. all the others were put into them when they were young. and think about kinkaku and ginkaku they were in the 9 tails for two weeks and were able to turn in to da fox. narutos body was incased in 9 tails charka while his body was growning and he has special charka of the uzumaki. so his body reacts to the 9 tails charka like nobody in the history of all jinchurki.

Posted by MoAmmo619 2 years ago

It was actually 10 months he was in her belly lol but you may be right on that, and about the brothers that were in there for 2 weeks if it was just the strength of the 9 tails chakra which they had then they should've had the same cloak that Naruto has now if we're going by Wombat's theory, and if the so6 paths did leave his chakra in the beasts then the other hosts should've had the same cloak but they don't and Wombat they showed the cloaks that they have it's the same cloak that Naruto use to have when he didn't control the 9 tails power..once again..what are you reading/watching??? It's not just the 9 tails power..it's the joint power of what Naruto and the 9 tails...it's like a firecracker and a flame..that flame will make it go POP! lol Everyone seems to be on the same page with their theory because all of the ones we have go hand in had except for Wombat trying to deny everything the manga have shown us

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

there is a big dif between uzamaki and senju. distant cousin thats like your 8 cousin are u guys close in genetics no hell u could get it on with your 8 cousin if u wanted to. your just making wishful thinking thats all. for all u know tobi could be talking about personality and the will of fire. when he talks to naruto.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Tobi said Senju and Uchiha though..If he hadn't said that then me saying what I'm saying would be an assumption, but he said it's an ill fated battle between the 2 bloodlines and he said it was Naruto and Sasuke who was chosen so for all I know that means Naruto has Senju blood so that's not wishful thinking..it's actually called comprehension, and it seems like you're lacking in that...you lose again Wombat...

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

I did not say that uzumakis' are "Distant cousins" of senju! It sais that they are "distant relatives"!And distant relatives are cousins!!!

Posted by qwerty415 2 years ago

did u read the hole thing he is making a comparison at first he says the fire of the first is in u not the senju his spirt big dif. then says senju uchia, fire hatred, sasuke naruto. he is just making a comparison.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Whatever wombat, you're gonna think whatever anyways...yea qwerty414 lol that's why I made that comparison..cousins are usually the distant ones

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

first cousins is also called distant relatives, however to differentiate, there's "far distant relatives, middle distant relatives, and close distant relatives"

therefor, they are connected... by WILL!

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

I think elroy is right, Kishi has been making comparisons between naruto and sasuke vs. uchiha and senju sense the naruto-sasuke fight at the valley of the end. If naruto wasnt a strong descendent of the brother who inherited the SOT6P body then naruto would be sort of irrelevent to the whole struggle between the uchiha and the senju. And that conflict is what this story is becoming about.

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

Exactly..that's all it has been about lately, and when it became about that and you look back then you see that it has always been about that..from the time Naruto and Sasuke first saw each other it was like they were drawn to each other to be rivals as the story says.. "fate"...They will see that we're right though..soon enough

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago