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The Slug Princess, Tsunade
I really dont think tsunade will die... well, for sure naruto will become the hokage... yeah, tsunade was totally fucked up with madara... but i know for sure she wont die... she has showed us her new jutsu but not its effects... maybe it'll heal her faster than the old regeneration jutsu... and who knows maybe she hasn't showed us all her powers... as for me the 5 kages will defeat madara as what they promised to naruto... and none of them will die...

but still i want you guys' thoughts and imaginations on whats gonna happen to the 5 kages on the next chapters... so any comments?

by ginbu45
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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RAIkagay would stand a chance to defeat sasuke!

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

tsunade will die, but if she doesn't she would lose all her power and become an elder. Kakashi would become hokage and Naruto will be after him, just because he is still young and inexperience.

Posted by fondyboi 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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