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by emakimeister
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (8)

HAHHAHAHA!!! First! 1st! numero uno!

Posted by FGS123 2 years ago

2nd hahahaha

Posted by darkdevilslayer 2 years ago

Yahiko is still alive he's holding still no matter what

Posted by illneversleep 2 years ago

why i cannot watch this -.-

Posted by sialdotcom 2 years ago

Quoting sialdotcomwhy i cannot watch this -.-
It's the same with this iMac I'm using atm. kinda gay.
...not sure if I want one now.

Posted by uchiha_kitten 2 years ago

grrrr.... i've waited so long for this!, need some help here, can't watch too

Posted by chichuriki 2 years ago

r u kidding on me ., how do i can watch this ?

Posted by anwar.hidayat 2 years ago

View manga online for free at http://www.de liciousmanga.com

Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago