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Guess what this is about??
OK, i have not been one to fall into the "who is Tobi" conversations but I just started thinking about it. It is my belief that Tobi is a modified Zetsu of Obito. Coincidentally he covers up the very eye that got smashed and when he removed his mask when the paper bombs started going off his face was pretty mangled on that side. I know many people have said that Tobi is Obito I am now on the bandwagon. I was just going to wait for Kishi to reveal but it is so blatant now I could not ignore.

by immikeporter
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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u do realize that it was obito's right eye that was crushed right??? the same eye that tobi displays in his spiral mask thru the hole. just pointed out the biggest hole in ur theory.....that he covered the same eye that he lost when in fact tobi covered his left eye while obito lost his right from getting crushed and gave his left to kakashi. also u said that he was mangled under the mask which he wasnt and again its the wrong side of the body to be obito. your whole theory is hinged on the idea that obito was crushed(on his right side) by a boulder and that tobi hides his body(left side)also another point is tobi has the thing with his LEFT!!! arm from the fight with danzo's guys and with minato but the fact is all of tobi's things are his hidden LEFT eye hidden LEFT face and weird LEFT arm. Obito was crushed on the RIGHT side. your theory is there for wrong based on what info u gave

Posted by hotrich64 2 years ago

yea wow dude i dnt even need to say anything here hotrich64 jus said it all and u sld probably jus stop watchin animes or atleast stay away from forums. k cool glad we got that fixed c ya.

Posted by Pitmist 2 years ago

people have there opinions and what they believe so why go and ridicule them for it. i think its fun to read what people think, gives u a bigger outlook on the whole situation.

Posted by gorge158 2 years ago

ur right it is fun to read what people think but honestly its not fun when they cant get a single fact right to prove their thought

Posted by hotrich64 2 years ago

WOW!! you guys are right, I just saw the episode and a light bulb came on and I didn't think to look back to check on the facts before posting. OOPS!!

Posted by immikeporter 2 years ago

Actually they show both sides of his face in anime shipuuden. His left side is mangled too. So it can't be obito.

Posted by kent0005 2 years ago

i dont think his face is mangled it honestly looks more like he is just rele rele old

Posted by hotrich64 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago