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Manga chapter 579-Karin Uzumaki?!...Kabuto a dragon?!?!...and Shikkotsurin?!
Ok kabuto reveals that karin is an uzumaki and that red hair is the "trademark" of the uzumaki....so i was thinking what does this mean for sasori,gaara,sasori's father...and for choza akimichi etc...is masashi telling us that the rest are uzumaki too?...well that could be true but anyways it really doesnt matter...then we see that kabuto is a dragon and not just a dragon a "sage" dragon....he trained under the white snake sage and now he is a "sage" dragon...and he dodges sasuke's Susano'o arrow attack...and sasuke is shocked to see that well surprised and goes like "My arrow......He dodged it?!....well this can mean something here...since we all knw that sasuke is very much obsessed with obtaining more power...it could be possible that after he defeats kabuto and has his talk with itachi he might go crazy over obtaining more power and absorb kabuto's powers somehow...in order to become a sage....Well that could mean that naruto and sasuke could be on equal levels again...since naruto used his sage mode to defeat naguto,a rinnegan user...he is strong on top of that he has nine tails mode now...that gives him super speed and immense power...so it could possible that the writer is giving sasuke a sage mode of his own to fight against naruto's and his ems to fight of with naruto's kyuubi mode...that gives both equal chances against each other.....! And now another thing that Kabuto mentioned was Shikkotsurin a place as special as Myoubokuzan where naruto learnt his sage mode and Ryuchidou where kabuto learnt his...so basically it was jiraiya who passed it on to naruto and orochimaru was sasuke's mentor for a while even though he wanted to use his as a vessel...wait he wanted to use him as a vessel kabuto says that orochimaru was looking for the right body which could perfectly master the white snake mode...meaning there could be a possibility that sasuke can master it....anyways coming back to Shikkotsurin now it could be a possibility that this place is the slug area....well what im trying to say is its likely! that tsunade has a sage mode too and this is where she learnt it...meaning all three legendary sannin have or had a sage mode Jiraiya-Toad Sage(but form imperfect had to combine with the elder toads)...Orochimaru-Snake Sage(but imperfect as mentioned by Kabuto...Tsunade-(Could likely be)Slug Sage(And have an imperfect version of it which could be passed down to Sakura)...Well these are all theories guys tell me what you guys think..!

by sasuke_theniterider
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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i think itachi seems to know about sage mode, his he a sage too??

Posted by mary6668 2 years ago

Quoting hans.kristian.holm
Quoting sasuke_theniterider
Quoting elroyjetson03You guys jump to conclusions way too quick..Sasuke's body isn't nearly as strong as an Uzamaki so I doubt he could handle the sage mode that Kabuto has after all of the experiments Kabuto had to strengthen his body which was already strong which is shown from when he fights and heals himself from the inside, so I highly doubt that, another thing is Kishi has been playing the part of the 2 brothers since the beginning so I doubt him running off course..Sasuke has been getting power-ups for his eyes and Naruto for his body, the slate is somewhat equal..the others may be Uzamaki's tho I doubt it but they are strong and all have strong bodies..also Kabuto named the Sage places they have so that's just another assumption and conclusion jumping..hate to rain on your parade..lol I sound like wombat in this one but it's true

Ok first of this a blog....do u knw wat blog means?...a personal journal(idea or anything) posted on the world wide web....so this is a blog...i wrote the possibilities of what could happen...abt certain stuff frm information masashi the actual writer has given us and im just stating out possibilities man!....its like a normal discussion im not jumping to conclusions and not saying this can happen read the blog again it says "its a possibility"....and masashi is playing the part of 2 brothers but we all knw that sasuke has this weird thing for more power he wants more power...maybe thats the only reason he took itachi's eyes cux he refused them at first and then when he wanted to defeat naruto he wanted the eyes so took em....even though he loves his brother! neways see how sasuke's power ups for eyes dnt seem to be enough....naruto defeated pain a rinnegan user with sage mode...isnt rinnegan suppose to be the strongest of all visuals...well it is sasuke has an ems...and naruto is on a different scale...sage mode...partial kyuubi mode gives him immense strength and speed he has been compared to his father with that so super speed...and then he has kyuubi mode with which he can counter 5 bijuu damas' with his own bijuu dama...now thats too powerful!...sasuke has susano'o and the arrow was said to be really fast...kabuto could dodge it!!!!....so its obvious naruto can too!....so that puts sasuke in a shitty position!!! he needs something else something more powerful!
I agree Sasuke_Theniterider. You weren't jumping into a conclusion you were stating what could happen. This is a nice blog. Like your way of thinking and agree. Sasuke has to get stronger. If he wont he'll not get close to killing Naruto. Aaaaaand.. Kabuto perfected the training to become a snake sage and turned into a dragon sage after that. That must be an upgrade.. Wonder if Naruto would get such an upgrade too? From toad to frog! And tsunade would might get the upgrade from slug to snail? o.O

Thankyou for agreeing with me...and yes thats a possibility toad to frog and slug to snail yea nyc thinking!

Posted by sasuke_theniterider 2 years ago

Quoting elroyjetson03Lol I understand where you coming from, but it all seems kinda bogus seeing where we are at in the manga..the Naruto/Sasuke fight seems kinda close, and Kabuto actually trained at that Mountain so it'll just be bogus to have Sasuke just master such a technique especially seeing that his body prob can handle that mode..Kabuto did A LOT of experimenting on himself to do such a thing, but you're right on the blogs but it's only 1 manga in with this stuff

lol yea but the it'll be extremetely dissapointing if the writer expects us to believe that sasuke can fight of naruto just with the ems! and yes kabuto did but orochimaru dint and that made him a snake..so sasuke can just be a perfect snake or dragon if masashi gives him some sort of special chakra or something....possibility and i understand what you're saying but sasuke is way too weak at this stage against naruto!

Posted by sasuke_theniterider 2 years ago

Quoting hotrich64i wud just like to mention that your first statement about red hair being a trademark isnt news to anyone. Tobi mentioned that nagato's trademark uzumaki red hair had faded to white from using all his chakra

Yes i knw its just the chapter mentioned that karin is an uzumaki....and her being the sensory type and never engaging i was shocked to knw that she is an uzumaki aswell...well not really i thought of it before but just saying what does it mean for other people with red hair...are they uzumaki too is that wat masashi is saying...?!

Posted by sasuke_theniterider 2 years ago

Quoting mary6668i think itachi seems to know about sage mode, his he a sage too??

No i dnt think so or knw so because we havent seen any sage like abilitites of itachi's like summoning legendary huge animals...or anything of that sort....masashi dint really give us anything on itachi being some sort of sage so i dnt think he is one...unless masashi twists things and says he is some sort of visual powered sage of the sharingan..which will ruin a lot of things!

Posted by sasuke_theniterider 2 years ago

their all just a bunch of distant cousins...
but not those kissing cousins like you guys want.

Posted by uchiha_kitten 2 years ago

Quoting mary6668i think itachi seems to know about sage mode, his he a sage too??
I doubt it, but yeah Itachi did say somethin..but how much did he get to learn is what I wanna know. wouldn't it be sad yet so fitting if the brothers didn't get that chance to talk. Ha, talk about the true turning point of Sasuke gone evil!

no I'm so kidding. Let the brothers have their moment. ^.^

Posted by uchiha_kitten 2 years ago

Quoting mickowaferwhen you slam a door.. you will here a blog!
True story!

Posted by hans.kristian.holm 2 years ago

Quoting mary6668i think itachi seems to know about sage mode, his he a sage too??
First of all. I think you must have a powerful and high chakra limit to achieve sage mode. Itachi wasn't really having a high ammount of chakra and he didn't show any proof of that he had any sage powers. would be fuckawesome if he had though!

Posted by hans.kristian.holm 2 years ago

Giving sasuke a sage mode would help but naruto has always had more chakra than sasuke, and sasuke has always been more skilled, I think it will come down to sasuke skill vs narutos endurance

Posted by Wil8108 2 years ago