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word. my thoughts.

Sasuke & Itachi Vs. Kabuto:
Im really curious to see how this is going to play out. I do think it was in Tobi's best interest to have Sasuke find/kill Kabuto since he never fully trusts or likes this snake freak. I honestly didnt think Kabuto had all this 1337 hax like this and thought his trump card would be to resurrect the Uchiha clan with edo tensei. (maybe later)
Sasuke is far from being changed to a good guy, though his demeanor is changed a bit for now, since he's fighting along side his brother but I have a feeling that all could change as more is revealed. If anything this is just a glimpse of his potential to change in the future. I just dont think its now, not til his battle with Naruto.
I dont think he will get a chance to talk with Itachi, especially since Kabuto is in hax mode. Something will happen and Sasuke will turn dark again, theres going to be some bombshell thats going to trigger it and edo tensei might be stopped before Itachi gets a chance to talk some sense to him... Honestly think about it, with all the build up of Naruto vs. Sasuke final epic battle of good vs evil that Kishi has done between these two, it would be super lame if Itachi does talk some sense into Sasuke and they stop the edo tensei, super hax madara and kill kabuto, and save the day. And then show up at Naruto's battle with Tobi, like HEY SORRY MY BAD, im good now lets kill Tobi together, Yay.. yeah not gonna happen.. I have a feeling this fight is going to get super epic and then Kabuto is going give up and run away like a bitch... Its too early for him to die yet too, his whole role and true intentions have yet to be revealed.. Though i think it is possible he ends up capturing Sasuke-kun, and even Itachi.. who knows. I just think Kishi has done a lot to make you believe the story is going one way, in order to build up for a bombshell that will change the direction.. besides theres still that "scroll".

Kages Vs. Madara
..please the Kages are getting raped. Tsunade might die.. hopefully, cause Naruto has to become the Hokage. She wont be the only one.. They have no hope of stopping him unless the edo tensei is stopped.. Who cares about this battle any more anyways.. The Kages are screwed.

Tobi Vs. Naruto
This battle hasn't even gotten real yet. Its just getting started and is far from the end. Somehow before the end of it all Naruto will get the Rinnegan, and the juubi will be resurrected.. Though i dont think this will happen right now during this fight. Bee will get captured, and eventually so will Kurama. Neither of these 3 battles are going to be the final fights. Theres still a long way to go and is definitely not going to end this way like these are the final boss battles: Kage's < Madara, Naruto < Tobi, and Sasuke < Kabuto. I dont know much, but i do know that its not that simple, and we are FAR from the end, even though it feels so close.

Who is Tobi?
I dont effin know, and neither do any of you. I DO KNOW, that its neither of the people that any one has suggested in their Theories. Kishi isnt dumb, its going to be someone completely over looked from the past, or a new character with a new back story. Though the best theory is in my opinion, that he is some kind of zetsu clone or other kind of clone. Tobi definitely has Madara's chakra, we know that much.

Conclusion: This war/ final battles aren't even close to finishing.. There is a lot left that has to be revealed and there is definitely going to be a lot more twists along the way. The end.

BTW.. does anybody even care about Yamato anymore.. they just forgot about him, and no one is even remotely close to looking for him yet alone even caring for his existence.. poor guy is just stuck unconscious reproducing zetsu with the shodai hokage.

by Veritas331
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Btw, I think Naruto getting the Rinnegan is just wishfull thinking, it would be awesome dont get me wrong but to be honest.. naruto wouldnt look right with the rinnegan,it just wouldnt be naruto, simply for that reason i dont think kishi would do it. UNLESS, he needed it to achieve some kind of ultimate goal at the end of the Naruto Series to like complete a prophesy and become like the original SOT6P or some garbage.

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

"If anything this is just a glimpse of his potential to change"
Pulling just this one quote out of content...

Madara so far found a way of changing the whole ninja world by unified nations.
Let There Be Peace!! He says....but AFTER this war!

Posted by uchiha_kitten 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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