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Can Tobi be a clone of Danzo?.. In episode #211, when sasuke was fighting Danzo, Tobi sat on the sideline spectating the battle. When Danzo revealed his whole arm (which consisted of multiple sharinguns & Hashirama's face/cells). Witnessing his arm, Tobi remarked, "Sharingan & Hashirama's cells? He must have intended to control the 9tails." By saying that, Tobi implied that you MUST need hashirama's cells & sharingan to control the kyuubi. Now think back to when Tobi took control of Kyuubi the day of the rampage. That there is proof that the "masked man" has the 1st hokage cells in him. Now, we can TRY to link Tobi with Danzo. 1ST,Danzo has a sharingan in his right eye that he hides from ppl & shows his left eye. Tobi has the sharingan in his right eye that he displays to "pose" as an uchiha, & hides his left eye.(If Tobi had 2 sharingans, why only use one? and why "replace" your hidden left "sharingan" with a rinengan?)2ND, the hair. Danzo & Tobi sports almost the exact same hairstyle & has the same hairlength. Ok, but Danzo is way too old to be Tobi, & if so, why wouldnt he recognize himself? Lets go back to when the kyuubi was summoned upon the village, thats about 16yrs ago right? minus 16 years from Danzo's appearance. What do you think?.. In ep.211, Danzo also said he agreed to become Orochimaru's test subject so he can implant sharingan's & 1st's cells in his arm. Orochimaru could have easily cloned Danzo, seeing that he now has all the requirments to control kyuubi, & ultimately create "Tobi". Which would explain why NOBODY had seen or heard of "Tobi" until the rampage. Oh, and look at when camera's zoom into Tobi's eyes. YOU SEE WRINKLES! which symbolizes what Danzo looked like 16 yrs ago..but thats my theory that im standing by.. WHAT DO YALL THINK??

by omg_evrynameistaken
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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i dont think its danzo or madara or obito. personally, i think Tobi is the Sage of the Six Paths, the 1 that split the the ten tails to begin with, hence the Eye of the Moon Plan which brings the tailed beasts back together ultimately. i also think that's why, out of all the villains through out the series, he's the only one who doesn't want anyone to know his identity, it would ruin the ultimate goal of why he split them to begin with. i think this is the SSP's way of helping them learn to "follow the rightful path" and to find what "real strength" is.

Posted by deathbyhangnail 2 years ago

Tobi is Izuna. You guys are thinking too hard. Just like all those theories about what was behind that "trump card" door, but in fact was Madara. Kishi has brought us Madara, now it's time for him to bring us Izuna. I doubt it would be a new character that wasn't introduced. Out of the question for Kishimoto to do that.

Posted by SupremeKing 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

its not true, if u seen all episode
s toby is the mask man, and known as madara uchiha, cuz 1 of the episode in shippuden, he told sasuke who he is, i think its obito, cuz he gave his right eye to kakashi, and his left eye was under neath the big rock, if u noticed, donzo bandage's was cover his whole left side, the whole side obito side was crushed, that can be the possibility

Posted by treacarr2012 3 months ago

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