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Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Exploits
So i have been fighting online since the game's launch and let me tell you there are a lot of cheese dick players who exploit the game. If you see a person use Sasori, Dedara, or Temari you need to just quit because they will cheese dick their range attacks and you will never get close enough to beat them up.

Remember I am on PS3 and my name is ROMAN_WINS join me in a fight whenever you want!

Happy Fights!

by roman727
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (9)

Ye lol deidara is really a pain to fight against. If i see them pick those types i get maxed speed, i thinks if you choose Guy and have Kisame for support their duo is calld "beast and something" you get maxed speed and then all you do is ninja dash in their faces and beat them up. Also you can use dynamic entrance to help out as well. I would play against you buy i have an x box =/

Posted by Geo_Dude 3 years ago

i got the game on 360 try to totaly complete it, but haven't fought online yet,any advice to give.,.. Naruto RULES ..............

Posted by Harruot301 3 years ago

Advice i give is to pick Chiyo as a support character because if her support hits it locks the guy up giving you time for a guarenteed ultra move.

Posted by roman727 3 years ago

My advice for Deidara players is to pick people like Sasuke or Itachi, or have them as back up because of their support attacks. It flies through all of their little cheap shit and then you can get close and beat them down.

Posted by kwikster25 3 years ago

I happen to have a friend who "cheese dicks" his way around a match his best char is Dedara an he is also good with Lars who by the way has one of the cheapest moves in the game. I can beat "cheese dick" players there is a trick to it haha just be better then them an if they cheese dick too much.. cheese dick them right back till they quit out of frustration.

Posted by AdrianForge 3 years ago

Meh, i just dodge the whole round going one direction with my ninja movement and use my normal shuriken. dont bait into taijutsu. use someone with a distant ninjutsu like fireball(sasuke/Itachi) and use ur ninjutsu alot. Ninjutsu and shuriken will win it pretty much.

Posted by Liyon 3 years ago

i got it for the 360. haven't went online yet its been off due to wireless connection. but great chr. the fourth-teleporting dash is crazy nice. taka sasuke is also one of my favs. he's quick as soon as the match start use his chidori and knock ur opponet down and start hittin him down. the back up would be itachi of course. and neji is a great supporter. for delfecting attacks. anyway if u got a 360 i want to challenge u to a match. hit me up El R3Y23 is the tag. ill be online soon.

Posted by sasukescar1 3 years ago

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Posted by kbreeze 3 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago