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A step away from whats going on. Chakra natures
the most elite ninja have some level of chakra nature manipulation that can be used in a powerful technique. Now I know this is obvious, but what i was thinking is that some natures seem to be more powerful, useful, or compatible than others. In my opinion, Lightning is the most powerful of the Chakra Natures. Used in the Chidori, it has been known to pierce the strongest defenses, also disrupting chakra flow in the body. Gaara and Naruto are jinchuriki so they are acceptions. Also as seen in the 3rd Raikage it can be a powerful defense, strong enough to defend against Narutos Rasenshuriken. He was known to have the strongest weapon and sheild in his Lightning style. As seen in Sasukes "kirin" a lightning style tech. can move at the speed of a lightning bolt if he is amidst a thunderstorm. All that being said its not very practical because... he has to wait for a fuckin storm. Other natures can be more useful if the terrain suits it, such as earth and water, that being said i think that water nature manipulation is the most useful, simply because 90% of the earth is water. The 2nd hokage could pull water from thin air. And it can appear in different forms, steam, ice, obviously... Lastly i believe that the most compatible nature is Wind. It can amplify fire tech. to their maximum. As seen with Yamato it can make for powerful Typhoon type jutsus that can cancel out severel fire type techniques, IDK if it would be effective against Tsuchikages Lava style but im rambling. It can be used to make any projectile a piercing one so used with earth style and maybe even gaaras sand may be extremely effective. As far as with lightning goes, all i know is that wind trumps it so i dont know how they can be used in a Cooperative Ninjutsu.

If you think another nature is better or more usefull feel free too disagree and explain. I may have overlooked some stuff. sorry for the shitty spelling and grammar.

by Rasenraikiri
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (13)

i dont think kekai should be disgusted. but in the 5 base i dont think one is more powerful then the other it just depends on the tech the user develops. water can be shot at a high pressure and pierce just as good as wind aka sasori water tech and 2mizuakage water gun. also water can blow up, and if i was developing a water tech i would absorb the moister in the body but thats me. u seem to like lighting and pretty much touhed all of those but earth tech are pretty cool and strong def and offense. wind is good a piercing and it just depnds on the user. and how the element is used.

the 2nd didnt use the water in air but created water from is strong chakara.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Yeah i intentionally left out Kekai cuz thats too confusing, there is a chart for that on google... Anyway, I guess my intentions were to explain the different types of usefulness a nature might have. There hasnt been a water technique seen yet that couldnt be dodged. I think Lightning is inherently faster than the other Natures. But like you stated about water there are uses with other natures that make them strong in a different way. I didnt know those specifics about the 2nd though, thanks for that. Its not that i like lightning the most i just noticed more about it in Narutos fight with the 3rd Raikage.

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

BTW, for the record i believe the "kirin" can be dodged but only with a special mode like sage or 9 tailed chakra mode. Time space jutsu is different you would kinda have to know it was coming. In Minato's case, sometimes he didnt have to do the whole.. focus the chakra handsign to teleport so he could prolly get away with it.

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

All jutsu have their pros and cons.
Yes lightning is inherently more faster that any other jutsu but earth is most likely the inherently defensive fire the most damaging water the most versatile wind best at piercing

Posted by Supernova1238 2 years ago

another thing about kirin is that its acutall lighting its not a full jutsu sasuke controled the lighting from the clouds but he need to meet alto of steps to get to that point.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

All of the elements have a strong ass jutsu..like fire can go to amerausu or however you spell that shit, it's for Uchiha's though but it's like the strongest fire, Lighting has the Kirin, chidori and the raikage's attack, and wind has the rasen-shuriken which I think is the strongest physical attack to be shown next to the tailed beast bomb, If hit with it they'll die and if they survive they won't be able to ever perform a jutsu or probably move due to it ripping them apart or whatever they said when they researched it on Kakashi's hand..y'all could fill in on the other elements for me

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

I think Supernova said it best^

Posted by Tsfuko 2 years ago

nice post yall!

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

amataerasu and fire are kind of dif more like a kekai. but fire being the most damaging i disagree. i have never seen anybody from fire. i mean oonaki son moved 2 mountains to perform an attack more damaging the most fire tech.

and the rasenshurkin didnt have any effect on the 3raikage

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476amataerasu and fire are kind of dif more like a kekai. but fire being the most damaging i disagree. i have never seen anybody from fire. i mean oonaki son moved 2 mountains to perform an attack more damaging the most fire tech.
and the rasenshurkin didnt have any effect on the 3raikage
thats right, Ametaerasu is part of a Kekai so it doesnt really count. The point of this blog really was to spur on thought of different uses of jutsu. For instance, Versatility of jutsu, Gaara (him being an exception) can use just about any sand type earth jutsu even if all he has is boulders around. You CANT DO THAT with lightning tech. (unless) you have an HUGE amount of chakra (like Naruto) to feed the lightning or if your battlefield is a huge generator figuratively speaking. (like sasukes kirin). Earth is stronger if you u can use your battlefield i think. Versatilty: Water>earth>wind>fire>lightning. Strength: Lightning>??? Compatibility: Wind>earth>water>lightning>fire

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

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