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Itachi said it...
When Itachi said there is another eye technique,which is Izanami,I'm kind of curious though...You see,Tobi said,to perform the Izanagi,the user needs sharingan and Senju DNA...Base on what Itachi said,it's seems that Izanami is come together with the Izanagi...What I'm getting at is,did Itachi has a Senju DNA in him?...Or is it Izanami didn't need Senju DNA to be done?...

I just want to know your thought anyway...

by CekikDaud
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Lol yu guys r thinking too hard!

Posted by Perfect-A 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476i know what tobi said i am just saying i find it hard to believe that u would need to combine dna. when no one has done it before so how did danzo itachi and other uchia know about it.

How do you know there's no one has done the DNA combination between an Uchiha and Senju before?...I bet,all the facts was writen on the stone tablet that been kept secret by Uchiha clan...Kabuto said that Orochimaru and him make a research and deciphered the code on that stone tablet...All the facts was crafted on that stone tablet...But,I think it's not telling how to gain Izanagi specifically...It's just Orochimaru hypothesis in how to gain Izanagi,which is a power of rinnegan in the sharingan eye...I believe,it's been told in that stone tablet,which is I bet a story about in how the So6P using his rinnegan power to split the 10 tailed chakra into 9 potion of tailed beast chakra base on Izanagi technique...From that fact,Orochimaru made his hypothesis and experiments in how to gain an Izanagi by using sharingan power...As a result,Danzou use it against Sasuke...But,it's not a perfect version of Izanagi...

Like I said before,maybe someone in Uchiha has a Senju DNA in him and use Izanagi...Then,I came up with this assumption,I think,Sasuke's mother is a Senju descendant...That's why Orochimaru and Tobi so excited to gain control over Sasuke since they can't do anything to control Itachi...I bet,the So6P been reincarnated in 2 bodies,which is Naruto and Sasuke...Sasuke is his eye and Naruto is his body...

But,it's just my thoughts...No need to get angry with my thoughts...

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

Orochimaru wanted Sasuke so that he could develope him and take over his body in order to posses the Sharingan. It had nothing to do with Izanagi or Izanami specifically. Both of those jutsu serve a separate and different purpose. All of these answers will come. Theres no point in making stuff up to justify your hypothesis. We know that both techniques are attainable with the MS and that the Izanagi at least requires Senju DNA to perform. Weather or not one of Sasukes relatives was close enough to Senju to make this possible is unknown. Also, being Uchiha doesnt mean that you carried the name. Im sure everything will be explained in some detail shortly.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

oro experimented and came up with he theory of getting the rin gun kabuto even said that. but with all ur saying with the tablet and what not still why is it an uchia tech if thats the case it wouldnt be a uchia tech it would be a rinngun/sage tech

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Tobi claimed Akatsuki coz simply he is the one who "encouraged" Yahiko to form Akatsuki(reference: battle of Tobi and Konan). if we base his claims from that statement then it is not impossible that he would also claim Izanagi as his clans tech even if it was originally/first used by the SO6P.

Posted by sempet 2 years ago

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