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The Strongest Hidden Power
Ok so i may be alone in saying this but based on what we've seen so far which shinobi village is Ranked Highest of the five great nations and which not of the five should be included or ranked equally alongside or above out of the great 5.

I asked solely because after the war if ninjas still exists/have their abilities like the TsugiKage said the Village with the Strongest Power will rule and for those of you that haven't noticed only the great five nations+samurai are participating in the War giving other nations like the sound(though small) an edge over the alliance.

In my Opinion it goes like this . .. .. ..

Rank# 1 Konohagakure -Hidden Leaf (Obviously)
Rank# 1 Amegakure -Hidden Rain (Their leader singlehandedly defeated Konohagakure)
Rank# 2 Kumogakure -Hidden Cloud (Strong Leader Loyal followers meaning none of them joined Akatsuki)
Rank# 3 Iwagakure -Hidden Stone (kekkei tota)
Rank# 4 Kirigakure -Hidden Mist (Because of the bloodmist days)
Land of Earth
Takumi Village -Hidden Artisans (Weapons Specialists)
Rank# 5 Takigakure -Hidden WaterFall (Because they Caught a tailed beast)
Rank# 5 Otogakure -Hidden Sound (All their ninjas Though bested by konoha were very talented)
Rank #6 Sunagakure -Hidden Sand(All their Kages died very silly)
Rank #7 Hoshigakure -Hidden Star (Weak ninjas)
Rank #8 Jōmae Village -Hidden Lock (Just Lame)

by xaioque
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (24)

even at the meeting at the summit they said all the other villages where loosing strength but the lighting kept going after power, they are the strongest thats also why the base camp is at there village and why there leader is the leader of the army

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Well, I do understand that Bee has better control of the 8tails but look at the bond Naruto has formed with all of the beasts. Im sorry but the relationship that Naruto has created will undoubtedly move him far ahead of Bee. Their isnt a shinobi in the world thats not under Edo Tensei that can beat Naruto. He has been shown a friendship by all of the tailed beasts. The same tailed beasts that have hated the shinobi for as long as theyve been controlled. Not to mention, when he had to he avoided the Raikages attack. An attack that was meant to kill him. And that was admitted by the Raikage himself. Madara is the only one that can beat Naruto and honestly thats a real stretch. Their is no way that Tsunade is stronger than the Raikage. Shes a medical ninja and very strong but far behind several other shinobi. It appears that Madara is the cream of the crop right now in that fight, but im sure the Kages will come out on top but not without losses.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

It's just like that wood element technique that Madara threw at them and Naruto was the only one who could've stopped it and that was with a clone, Naruto has a crazy amount of chakra and if Bee was stronger he would'n't have struggled with those beasts that were no match for 9 tailed Naruto..it's only so much we can say because the manga shows what we're saying lol it's all in the manga! Just because YOU think the lightning is stronger than all of the other villages doesn't make it true because the manga has been showing that the leaf is the strongest..the leaf never went into the lightning village trying to get power..no, the lightning did want the leaf's power and wanted to take them down..They said that the 4th was faster than Raikage and they showed it..they showed Naruto being faster than him also..he admitted that it was an intent to kill, so no matter what you say it won't be true if the manga already confirmed something else..

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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