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Summoning Animals
Ok! I was just thinking about summons and I realized one unique thing. Have you ever noticed something with the animals that are summoned by the shinobis. It appears they know what ever is happening to the ninja or what he or she is thinking at the time of summon before they appear. I did take a particular notice with the Naruto Shippuuden movie, Blood prison : the time Naruto made that irony comment that "A monster should be fought with another monster" before summoning Gamabunta made him asked him who he was calling a monster right after he was summoned. So what do you think of that? Does it mean they hear and see what the shinobis' do before they are summoned?

by kelvinallo
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting TsfukoI dont remember this:>?
was this during narutos training at mt froggy?

No it was after Naruto had defeated pain and had talked to him about peace, that pain decided to bring back every shinobi he killed in the village when he arrived, that we saw the old sage toad and Gamabunta looking into the crystal ball to check on what's happening in the village. With only seen one with the old toad or say mount myobokuza so I we don't know about the other hidden villages

Posted by kelvinallo 2 years ago

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