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"Context clues and other important shit"
Okay, a lot of the blogs on here are stupid..first off, this is probably one of them to the people who post the stupid blogs..haha, but this blog is just to say and remind you guys to read the manga as a "STORY" and that's really the reason for the anime, to remind you dimwits...Everything that happens in the manga happens for a reason, and you guys get a new manga and forget about what happened in previous mangas to lead up to that...

"ex. Jiraiya's sage mode looking like an ugly ass toad which means it wasn't complete, then they shows Naruto's sage mode which looks like him with only his eyes changing which they said is a sign of his mastery..now they have Kabuto in a sage mode, and it's more like Jiraiya's than Naruto's..common sense and taking clues from the manga will lead to the thought that it's not a complete sage mode"

"Another example is the sharingan, started with 2 dots, went to 3, led to the mangeykio or whatever the fuck, which led to the eternal one, which leads to the rinnegan, that process can take you all the way back to when Sasuke unlocked his sharingan"

"Last one is Naruto and the Uzamaki clan, his body can take hella damage..they always hold the 9 tails which is the strongest under 10 tails, His mom had a strong life force, Mito had sensing ability, Karin had sensing ability, Nagato had sensing ability(maybe was rinnegan) but they never said it was, they all have a strong life force right? Come to find out it was a characteristic of the Uzamaki clan, also when Naruto took over the 9 tails they said he was full of life, and even showed how he made wood dude's wood grow plants and shit, when he hit Zetsu he turned into a plant lol...it's safe to assume when the 9 tails gets in harmony with a Uzamaki, that's the outcome"

Point is..everything from the past explains the future..don't just take the current manga and come up with stupid ass assumptions that makes no sense, but you want it to happen..instead look at the clues that led up to it, and similar situations that have happened..if it's one thing we know about this manga is...the will of fire prevails..so with that said I'M OUT!

by elroyjetson03
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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TyrisSama bruh, I don't even remember you lol honestly, I just talk on the blogs like whatever you said didn't spark this..the tobi, obito thing is what made me do this blog so if you were on that then yea whatever, but about the other shit..they were examples..not shit that I wanted to talk about..so whatever kid

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

wow gone a little bit and a lot of stupid post!!!!! ok first on nagato's rinngun did anybody ever think that it was given to him in rinngun form? tobi and madara new eachother and where thinking of plans. madara dies but the rinngun is activated. madara and tobi where looking for posssible prospects facts because he new of nagato. after his death they implant the rinngun in nagato easy solution. the fact that he has small sample of senju dna wouldnt give him the rinngun he would still have to get it to that point.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

now to kabuto's sage mode they didnt say his eyes where a sign. its says the fact that he didnt turn into a frog at all was a sign of mastery and the color of his eyes was a sign of sage mode. read ur shit elroy. and here is the reference chapter 418 page 5. the only thing the toads say u need for toad sage mode is enough chakara and focus. now to compare a toad sage to a dragon sage is completly dif. they are dif animals hell ones a myth so to say the effects of the body would be the same is pretty stupid. now the only reason kabuto looks like he does is because he experimented on his body!!! his body hasnt changed at all. the only thing is now he has horns so u can say thats a mastery of the sage mode also. and the fact that u need a strong body to be able to get into dragon sage mode means its dif the toad sage. one he sense better than naruto, 2 he talks to animals,3 he says he is closer to the great sage more than anybody. he isnt even using his eyes to fight sasuke and itachi just his sensing capabilites. kabuto sage mode is bad ass.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

and what do u mean he didnt up and master sage mode elroy? he did something oro couldnt. did the training enhanced his body. he has more sage tech in one little chapter than naruto has used since having sage mode. naruto learned his in a couple of days. kabuto has been missing for a while. and having jugo dna dosent mean u automatically get sage mode. oro tried that and still couldnt do it.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

and i am not attacking u elroy it just seems that u and tyris are the only ones posting anything

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

yo i go, show out for summer vacation and come back to see some answers!?!?! elroy your memory is sloppy period "kid", if you didn't want to talk about it, don't put up the threads and then have an empty bag when someone has some valid questions wasnt tryna bash just tryna past time till wednesdays come around nun personal..

good lookin' out wombat for bringing some clarity to the subject. one thing though, what's your idea about the snake in his gut? possible summon or what? tht bugs the hell out of me still.

Posted by TyrisSama 2 years ago

Well, the thing i want clarified is this: can madara change eyes (from sharigan to rinnegan and vice versa) at will. if he died with rinnegan, why wasn't he resurrected with rinnegan.

Also, wombat why is it that u accept wholeheartedly what Tobi says about he giving rinnegan to Nagato but reject other things he has said? This is a clear case of selective amnesia.

Ok, i concede, we all do this when making our arguments.

Yes Kabuto's SM is badass. heck kabuto is right now the most badass next to naruto. Itachi would have died had he not being an ET. Sasuke alone would have had been no problem for kabuto.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

what other stuff do i not believe that tobi said. and that fact that madara new nagato is proof enough. and it brings u back in how u where. the sharingun is like a jutsu i dosent bring u back firing a fireball does it?

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476what other stuff do i not believe that tobi said. and that fact that madara new nagato is proof enough. and it brings u back in how u where. the sharingun is like a jutsu i dosent bring u back firing a fireball does it?

I thought Madara activated the rinnegan right before he died. So if he died with rinnegan then he should have resurrected with rinnegan which he did not. He resurrected with EMS and later awakened his rinnegan. This presupposes that he can change eyes.

...And the sharigan is not a jutsu. It's an eye.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

sharingan is a jutsu.

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago