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"Context clues and other important shit"
Okay, a lot of the blogs on here are stupid..first off, this is probably one of them to the people who post the stupid blogs..haha, but this blog is just to say and remind you guys to read the manga as a "STORY" and that's really the reason for the anime, to remind you dimwits...Everything that happens in the manga happens for a reason, and you guys get a new manga and forget about what happened in previous mangas to lead up to that...

"ex. Jiraiya's sage mode looking like an ugly ass toad which means it wasn't complete, then they shows Naruto's sage mode which looks like him with only his eyes changing which they said is a sign of his mastery..now they have Kabuto in a sage mode, and it's more like Jiraiya's than Naruto's..common sense and taking clues from the manga will lead to the thought that it's not a complete sage mode"

"Another example is the sharingan, started with 2 dots, went to 3, led to the mangeykio or whatever the fuck, which led to the eternal one, which leads to the rinnegan, that process can take you all the way back to when Sasuke unlocked his sharingan"

"Last one is Naruto and the Uzamaki clan, his body can take hella damage..they always hold the 9 tails which is the strongest under 10 tails, His mom had a strong life force, Mito had sensing ability, Karin had sensing ability, Nagato had sensing ability(maybe was rinnegan) but they never said it was, they all have a strong life force right? Come to find out it was a characteristic of the Uzamaki clan, also when Naruto took over the 9 tails they said he was full of life, and even showed how he made wood dude's wood grow plants and shit, when he hit Zetsu he turned into a plant lol...it's safe to assume when the 9 tails gets in harmony with a Uzamaki, that's the outcome"

Point is..everything from the past explains the future..don't just take the current manga and come up with stupid ass assumptions that makes no sense, but you want it to happen..instead look at the clues that led up to it, and similar situations that have happened..if it's one thing we know about this manga is...the will of fire prevails..so with that said I'M OUT!

by elroyjetson03
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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