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Pointless Back-stories?
I don't know about you but I have come to the conclusion that Kishi is unnecessarily dragging the story with pointless character back-stories. What? we just 'wasted' about a month to know about kabuto's baloney philosophy about existence.

For me a character like kabuto: his hidden, mysterious motives and origins are his intriguing aspects. I don't know what Kishi sought to do over the past few weeks with the kabuto origin backstory since i pretty much did not learn any new thing about him.
Are we supposed to feel pity for kabuto now or what?

by Quajo
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (17)

we feel pity for kishi.. he's a drag queen!

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

didnt learn anything new. really? u new he was in root? u knew he was a double agent for akatuski. from what they showed we thought it was the other way around. but oro planted him in akatsuki. didnt know he was planted in the leaf. his hole leaf back story was a fake we didnt know that. he spied on every village didnt know that. we learned alot u just dont pay attention. besides its good to know more about characters gives them depth.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

wombat, it's rather u who hasn't been paying attention if it took you the past month to have known this about Kabuto.

1.It was pretty much shown during the chunin exams that Kabuto had been spying on all the villages when he was shown giving info about all the contestants even though he was supposed to be a genin then.

2. I have always guessed somehow that kabuto was not originally from Konohagakure.

3. It was shown that he was a double agent for akatsuki(sassori) a long time ago.
most of these i already knew or guessed about kabuto. The others Kishi could have made us aware of in passing comments without it being dragged over a month.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

attention is for sale!

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

I actually agree with quajo on this. We really didn't learn anything useful about reading kabuto past.

Posted by mrmcdonald 2 years ago

Well, the fights between Naruto and Tobi and even Madara v the five Kages are both more interesting to me than Kabutos story. Hes strong, great, hes losing to Itachi, great. The only interesting part of this inter pass is what Itachi will say to Sasuke when its all over. Alas we all know the real reason for this month long hiatus from relevant material...more chapters equals more money.

Posted by Chaosnow 2 years ago

ur full of shit. all we new in the chunin is that he was spy on contestants not actually in other villages. did u know he was in root? did u knew he learned medical ninjutus from an orphanage not his adapted family in the leaf?

when it showed he was a double agent we thought sasori sent him to oro and oro broke the seal in kabutos brain. but that was wrong oro sent him to akatsuki and was spying on them from the begining. we learned alot of stuff.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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Posted by admovadomovado 2 years ago

During the chunin exams Kabuto was supposed to be a gennin who went on simple missions that should not involve him leaving the village. He seemed too mature then for a genin. How could he have had info on contestants from other villages?
Even since then he has always been tagged as a spy.

We know Danzo was the leader of Root. So it is safe to assume that any one who has shown allegiance somehow to Danzo before was a member of root. This confirmation of kabuto been a former member of root doesn't impact on the story in any major way.

For example i don't need Kishi to confirm to me that Itachi was a member of Root. I am even guessing that Kakashi left The Anbu because of Root.

As I said I am not against Kishi giving us this info. I am not happy with him having to take about a month to get that across.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

full of shit! bird shit. dog shit and bull shit

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

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