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Top 3 Ninja All-time
The 3rd and 4th hokage are 1 and 2. I say the 3rd is the number 1 cuz he lived a really long life compared to the 4th who probably didnt reach his 30s. N and 3 has to be Nagato. Now not counting the sage of six paths these are the best three ninja produce so far and here is why.
The 4th hokage created the dead demon seal and taught it to the 3rd. That jutsu alone mean they can pretty much make it a tie no matter who they face. Not to mention the 4th was faster than anyone n had the flying thunder god technique. The third hokage new every jutsu in the leaf village and even way past his prime he could beat the 1st and 2nd hokages and orochimaru. And during the fight monkey king emma even said that was pathetic compared to what he use to be able to do. He wasnt call the god of shinobi for no reason.
Now nagato said he was far from the sage of six paths but he was still incredible strong. First of just with the six paths alone he is able to destroy any village. Next idk how many of u actually watch the anime but if u seen what he did to hanzo and his army u should know he cant be beat one on one forsuree.

by mrmcdonald
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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I will take the trouble to work the age difference for you. Danzo was Hiruzen's age mate, so I am going to use Danzo's age as a reference point. Danzo died at the age of 72yrs and Jiraiya died at the age of 54yrs. 72-54=18. That is not even taking into consideration that Jiraiya died sometime before Danzo. The 16yrs i stated is closer to the fact than yours.

Itachi loved the village, so that is also your excuse? this is pointless, take your itachi; I will take my jiraiya.

It does matter which character said it? For it to have substance the character must know what he is talking about. For example someone as old as Tsunade doesn't even know how strong Hashirama was. In the recent chapter she is so amazed at the power of her grandfather to be able to have defeated someone like Madara.

Also age is not that an issue for a shinobi so stop using it as an excuse. The fact that you are younger doesn't mean you're stronger. Onoki is the oldest kage but he is the one Madara sees as a problem and not the younger kages.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

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