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naruto's abilities
This was my answer to another person's blog, but now I am wondering what you guys think about my speculation.

I don't believe that sasuke and Naruto are going to fight anytime soon. This may be farfetched but Tsunade is going to die and Naruto is going to become Hokage in this war. Because Naruto beat Pain and his huge involvement in this war, votes will be unanimous to put him in Hokage's seat. As Hokage he will have access to many scrolls and advisors. With Naruto's eagerness to learn will learn plenty more jutsu and create some hopefully. He already improved the rinnegan. Also bee was saying that he was pretty much taught the tailed beast bomb when he learned the rasengan, which is one of the most powerful chakra jutsu if not THE most, can he turn that into a shrunken beast bomb??

by immikeporter
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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I dont think Tsunade will die.. because the edo tensei is already released. But I do think that she may resign due to her old age & let somebody else take the responsibility of being hokage.. Maybe its Naruto or maybe its Kakashi..but if it comes down to that, Kakashi, seeing that he hesitated to become hokage before, he might let Naruto get it instead.. & I think that would be cool, but I think the beast bomb is wayyy too heavy & massive to turn it into a sucsessfull wind shuriken like the rasengan

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 2 years ago

ok i get what u mean in my opinion though... they took everything out of the closet for this war... everything that comes after this would prety much suck anyway... the only good way to end this series in my opinion would be a final fight between sasuke and naruto, or some other epic closure and ending with naruto swearing the hokage oath, village cheering, end of series... maybe 1 or 2 ending filler eps where he is hokage thats it

Posted by pipo.declown 2 years ago

Naruto wont be Hokage just yet. If he ever be, it will be just to have sasuke back into the village and then pass on the mantle, kind like Gildarts did in Fairy Tail. Do you really see naruto handling a village day to day businesses?

Posted by mechlord 2 years ago

yeah i really cNT Wit for him to startt usig handseals

Posted by yaseer666 2 years ago

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Posted by geggetitu 2 years ago

I think there will still have to be some type of closure fight between Saucegay and Naruto. I forgot the exact episode, but Naruto already mentioned: "How can I become Hokage, when I can't even save one friend?" or something along those lines. So they will need to confront eventually. As for what happens then, that would be anyone's guess. They could both end up dying, or Naruto will win - I doubt Saucegay will outright win. I was partially hoping for 'Teme' to join Konoha in the fight for now, but I knew it wouldn't happen. So yeah, the fight is bound to happen. Depending on what happens now, since the Edo Tensei has (supposedly?) been released, will determine just how close they are to fighting. I don't think it will happen in the middle of the war, though. Possibly soon afterward, but that's speculation now.

Posted by FadedDreams 2 years ago

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